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Culinary yes-yes #71

I’ve mentioned before that Kyla is not only a great eater in general; she loves to try new foods.  She may not like the food, necessarily, but she is always willing to try one bite.  (Especially if it comes from Daddy’s plate.  I often joke that he could have Octopus Flambé on his plate and she’d want some.)

I absolutely, positively can NOT believe our little baby is turning FIVE this Tuesday.  It really doesn’t seem possible.  As usual, I’m knee-deep in planning her annual open house soiree.  While we have a fair number of “ten-and-under” in the mix I generally play to the adults when it comes to choosing the buffet menu.  For the most part, the kids are far too busy playing and opening gifts; they really can’t be “bothered” with the whole eating thing.  Most of the moms are happy if their little darlings have a few bites of fruit followed by a forkful or two of cake.  I already know that as the center of attention, Kyla will feed off of the energy and fun of the day far more than she will off of a sandwich.

Still, I make sure there are sprout-friendly classic offerings such as Goldfish crackers, string cheese, fruit, PB&J’s and milk to drink.  I wonder how many parents grab a handful of those famous fish when they think no one is looking, or hope that their kid hands them a sandwich with one bite out and declaring, “I’m FULL.”

Childhood foods are special, right?  They bring back fond memories… in many cases if you indulge in “kid foods” you feel comfort, plus a little bit of guilty pleasure.  So what if it has too much sugar, salt, fat or horror of horrors, high fructose corn syrup?  Sometimes, you just gotta give in.  And really, every one of us can say we ate our weight in this before we turned twelve:



We swallowed these in such great quantities that it’s a wonder Smucker’s and Jif didn’t go out of business:



And Miller Park statistics have nothin’ on us when it comes to numbers consumed of these gems:



Feelin’ nostalgic?  Hungry?  Both?  Nadia G. can help you with that:



It’s not difficult to find grown-up versions of childhood classics on the web.  What can be tough is finding recipes that don’t try TOO hard to over-sophisticate the beloved classics.  I don’t mind bacon in my grilled cheese sandwich that is now on hearty ciabatta bread.  I don’t need foie gras in my mac ‘n cheese and I certainly don’t want caviar on my hot dog.  Let’s not get excessively creative, OK?  I like what this contributor to BuzzFeed has rounded up for kiddie-turned-big person fare.

With a palette that is 50% typical kid and 50% gourmand, I can see Kyla easily enjoying these adultified offerings.  (Except those gummies…  I think we’ll wait for her 21st birthday, thanks.)  Why not take a trip down memory lane and still please the youngest members of your family with some of these ideas?  A delightful mix of fond remembrances and new recipes could be just what all your tummies are asking for.

Enjoying comfort foods possibly (or just slightly) out of your comfort zone?  Of course it’s a Culinary Yes Yes!





If you enjoyed today’s Culinary Yes Yes and just happen to be planning a trip to New York in the near future, you’re in luck!  Thrillist has compiled a list of NYC eateries that cater to your inner kid.  (Be warned though, some phrases in the blog are geared toward your current adult maturity.)  Check out the offerings here.  

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