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10 reasons to vote for STEVE OLSON for Mayor of Franklin - #2


On April 1, Franklin will elect a new mayor. I’m giving you 10 reasons why STEVE OLSON deserves your vote. Please check back every day for an update, then go out on Tuesday, April 1, and vote for STEVE OLSON for mayor of Franklin.


1) Check back Sunday when I unveil the #1 reason to vote for Steve Olson!

Steve Olson's vast experience makes him not only an outstanding choice, but the best choice.

In Steve Olson, you get an individual Franklin desperately needs…a friend of the taxpayer. Olson has been a staunch taxpayer defender by offering many cost saving measures and attempts to reduce spending within the city.  He voted against increased spending in each of the city budgets over the last 8 years. By contrast, his opponent has consistently voted in favor of city budgets that increased spending and the city property tax levy.

This is a biggie. If public safety is an issue of great concern, and it should be, then Steve Olson is by far the best choice for the job. When the city of Franklin adopted two ordinances city families, their children and neighborhoods from sex predators, there were many heroes. One of them was Steve Olson who was a key architect of those ordinances. More than 100 municipalities across Wisconsin followed suit and approved similar laws. Several communities sought advice from Olson on how to craft their measures.

Olson has been a prime supporter of the Franklin police and fire departments with a goal to keep crime in the city below the area average and increasing emergency medical services.  The city had one paramedic unit when Olson started in 1998. Now, Franklin has three paramedic units.  Olson spearheaded the purchase of Franklin’s ladder truck and the police/court building and tanker truck in order to protect the safety and property of Franklin residents.

Please keep this in mind. During the November 2009 city budget deliberations, when Mayor Tom Taylor wanted to cut a fire department position and two police officer positions, aldermen Steve Olson and Lyle Sohns fought to restore those positions. Olson’s opponent in next week’s mayoral election publicly voiced opposition to Olson and Sohns' proposals with no suggestions of his own on how to save those important jobs. He verbally opposed restoration of important public safety fire and police positions in November of 2009.

Steve Olson has been a public servant. His vast institutional knowledge will prove invaluable in leading Franklin.

Steve Olson will utilize those business skills to streamline Franklin’s slow, tedious economic development process allowing more businesses to start or re-locate here

Steve Olson
will use his more than 35 years’ experience of being a successful businessman to operate the city in a business-like manner, a much-needed approach to keep Franklin fiscally solvent and responsible.

8) Steve Olson has a lengthy history with how Franklin developed and evolved. Couple that with a great vision of where Franklin should be headed and how to get there for a winning combination.

Steve Olson and his wife Beverly have been residents and taxpayers in Franklin since 1988. Steve knows and understands the city and its residents very well.

As mayor of Franklin, Steve Olson will dedicate his entire focus and concentration on what’s best for the city and NOT his next election.

Please forward this blog to your Franklin friends and neighbors.

Thank you.


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