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Cudahy Alderman Justin Moralez Is Running For Wisconsin Assembly District 20

2014 Election, Assembly District 20, Christine Sinicki, Justin Moralez

Yes Cudahy Alderman Justin Moralez is running as a Moderate Republican and I think he has a great chance in this district as it is more Democrat than Republican, however it isn’t a Liberal area since it is more fiscally conservative so he has more than a fair chance to beat Liberal Democrat Christine Sinicki.


Justin Moralez isn’t planning on stepping down as Cudahy District 1 Alderman if he wins the Wisconsin Assembly District 20 election and if anyone can do both, it is Justin Moralez!


Justin Moralez is the right person to be the voice of residents of the Wisconsin Assembly District 20.  Justin is a moderate who wants to strike balance and get back to both sides working together.  I know he finds the road to compromise the road to travel and help end the divisiveness to bring unity and if anyone can do it, it is Justin Moralez!


Justin Moralez pours his heart and soul into the tasks and endeavors he takes on.  With the only goal in his mind that of doing what he knows is best.


Justin Moralez works hard and understands the stakes.  He takes nothing for granted.  His skillset has the right tools in it and he has his head in the game and never takes his eye of the ball.  He will fight for all, not just a select few.


Please check out his campaign website


I am honored and glad to call Justin Moralez a friend, a colleague and soon to call him my Wisconsin Assembly District 20 Representative.


Follow Justin Moralez on Twitter


In the coming months I will write much more on my support of Justin Moralez and why he is the better choice.  I will do and have done what I can to help Justin Moralez become our new Wisconsin Assembly District 20 Representative for he is by far the best candidate for the job!


Go get them Justin! 

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