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Culinary yes-yes #75

I’ve had the pleasure of vacationing in Tennessee twice.  I can’t WAIT to go back.  I’ve not had the opportunity to visit their neighbors just north, in Kentucky.  But this time of year I’m always dying to go there.I love long-standing traditions, dressing up, and grand parties with delicious food.  So if you combine









You know what you get, right?



Oh what I would give to be there, just one time, for the amazing festivities.  Given my “go big or go home” attitude when it comes to parties (attending OR hosting) I’d love the Southern genteel vibe combined with decadence in food and fashion.

Due to an incredibly intense allergic reaction to horses (think head-to-toe hives, swollen eyes, non-stop sneezing, etc.) I would never be able to literally party with the ponies.  But aren’t they beautiful?



Chances are, I won’t ever attend a Kentucky Derby event at Churchill Downs.  Hmmm…  you, either?  Well then my friend, what are we waiting for?  Let’s plan our own party NORTH of the Mason-Dixon, shall we?

It’s not that complicated, really.  Don a hat, make some pimento cheese, get out the bourbon and you’re set!  OK perhaps I simplified that a bit.  But there are so many resources to help you!

Naturally the official site of the Derby offers plenty of ideas, tips, recipes and more.  They want you to have a fabulous party…  how could you NOT with these ideas?  The fine folks at Southern Living have graciously done the heavy lifting for you.  Follow their lead and you’re sure to have a memorable event.

If you’re like me (oh boy, I’m sorry.  That means you don’t know the meaning of “simple” when it comes to entertaining) then you feel a party isn’t complete without a darling array of printables.  Hostess with the Mostess, one of my fave party sites never disappoints.  They offer two sets of ideas; you’re sure to love them both.  So that means after your successful party this year with a “Taste of Derby” theme  you can outdo yourself in 2015 with a “Garden Party” theme.

Of course if you don’t want to go whole hog (or whole horse I suppose) you could treat your family and friends to some delicious Derby-inspired sweet treats.  Mint Julep Cupcakes and Kentucky Derby Pie Cupcakes are sure to please.

If you decide to host a party this year, feel free to invite me!  I’ll be a “little” too busy with Kyla’s birthday festivities prep to host a Derby event.  As long as your guests aren’t of the equine persuasion I’d be happy to attend.

Honoring Southern traditions even if we live in Wisconsin?  Of course, y’all, it’s a Culinary Yes Yes!




The Journal Sentinel did a nice piece today on this very topic.  Nothing too complex, and all very tasty-sounding.  Check it out.  


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