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What did Scott Walker do this week? (05/03/14)

What did Scott Walker do this week?

I support our great governor, Scott Walker, his wife, Tonette, and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch. Each week I feature the governor's highlights. The following is a sampling and not a complete review of all Governor walker does for the welfare of our great state.

The news media likes to focus on the drag out dirty partisan fights in the state Capitol. But there’s a lot of agreement that never gets reported. Governor Walker gave us this reminder:

“Over 97% of the bills I've signed into law since taking office have more than just Republican votes in the State Legislature.”

It is campaign season. The Wall Street Journal published an article on the gubernatorial race in Wisconsin (the article is available online only to subscribers). Here are some excerpts:

As Democrats see it, there is no realistic path to victory over Mr. Walker in November by building a campaign around restoring Wisconsin's public-employee unions to their former status. That fight has been fought—and lost, many Democrats said. Mr. Walker won a recall election in 2012 that was largely a referendum on his tussles with the unions.

Underscoring the new political calculus in Wisconsin, Ms. Burke is waging a campaign that parts ways in important respects from one of the most reliable pieces of the Democratic coalition: organized labor. She doesn't say she would repeal the law, called Act 10. Nor does she favor lifting the requirements that many public employees contribute more to health and pension benefits.

Mr. Walker, in an interview, suggested Democrats are in a tough spot. Because the law has gained acceptance, the party must send two different messages: One to moderate voters who support Act 10, another to the core Democratic base that wants it abolished. “In this election, the problem that any of my opponents have is they can't win over independent, swing, persuadable voters in the middle if they're viewed as being aggressively acting to repeal Act 10," he said. "Because most of those voters acknowledge it's working."

Total nonfarm payrolls in Wisconsin grew by 3.7% from the start of Mr. Walker's term through March, federal data show, below 5.4% growth in total U.S. nonfarm payrolls. Mr. Walker countered that the unemployment rate has dropped below 6% for the first time since 2008.

If the question, he said is, "Are you better off today than you were four years ago, the answer overwhelmingly for the vast majority in the state—whether they're in the city or suburbs or out on the farm—is yes."

Governor Walker saluted his Lt. Governor.

Reaction to liberal judge's ruling on photo ID: "racially insensitive."

On Friday, Governor Walker joined friends & family of the soldiers in the 826th, detachment 1, Army Reserve that deployed from Madison.

Nice going, Governor!

A groundbreaking took place at Amerequip for phase 2 of expansion in Kiel. Including phase 1, they will add more than 100,000 sq feet & 103 jobs.

Wisconsin's tourism economic impact is up 4% to $17.5 billion in Wisconsin.

The new results were announced at Miller Park with team from and offficials from the Brewers, Bucks, Summerfest, VisitMilwaukee, Wisconsin State Fair and the Governor's Council on Tourism.

Good stuff. Thanks, Governor!

Gov. Scott Walker talked with John Amrhien of Balsam Lake while fishing on the opening day of the 2014 Wisconsin fishing season. Journal Sentinel photo: Paul A. Smith

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