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Culinary yes-yes #76

It’s exactly one week until that day when we celebrate all things Mom.  You know, the woman who gave you life… the woman who brought children into the world for you… the one who holds it all together for your family…  Um, yeah.  You might want to think about how you’re going to thank her if you don’t have it planned already.

Timing is TIGHT for last-minute brunch reservations.  I stopped at Casa DiGiorgio this past Friday to pick up carry-out fish fries.  As I waited, I overheard the phone call of someone seeking brunch times.  The ONLY availability they had left was 10:00 am.  Now, that was two days ago so you might already be out of luck.  Hmmm… too bad.  I can’t WAIT to be there in the afternoon enjoying an Italian extravaganza.  After my made-to-order Eggs Benedict I will have a tough time deciding which to dive in to:  chef-carved prime rib or roast ham; peel & eat Gulf shrimp; fresh fruits; antipasto display; and of course a million desserts.  Yes, it pays to make reservations EARLY for Franklin’s tastiest spot on Mother’s Day.

If you’re lucky, you might find a spot at one of the Bartolotta establishments.  They’ve got some impressive-sounding options.  MetroParent did a mini round-up of other ideas where to take Mom.

Keep in mind, you still have an entire week to plan.  (That is, if you’re reading Culinary Yes Yes when you should on Sunday evening.)  That means that if you’re the stay-at-home type you can create a day for Mom that she’ll never forget.  While everyone has varied skills in the kitchen, don’t be afraid to try your hand at breakfast or brunch for mom.  Keep in mind she loves you already and really you can’t mess up in her eyes.  That doesn’t mean put one of these in front of her and call it a day:

If making an omelet intimidates you (it does me!) then how ‘bout a Denver scramble instead?  Diced ham, onions and peppers don’t seem so scary if all you’re doing is adding them to that all-American breakfast staple of scrambled eggs.  It’s not difficult to purchase some honeydew, cantaloupe and watermelon, right?  For presentation’s sake dig deep in your kitchen gadget drawer and find this little gem:




It’s called a melon baller.  Catchy, eh?  Use the small end to scoop the flesh from the melon.  Put it in a pretty glass like this and mom will just about fall over at your resourcefulness:





I don’t know too many moms who would turn down a sweet component to a brunch.  If the thought of making real Crème Brule makes you want to run for cover I have a relatively easy alternative:  A Crème Brule MUFFIN. (If you make them save one for me, OK?  I haven’t had a chance to make them just yet.)

The classic beverage for this kind of occasion is a mimosa.  But mom might not want to imbibe.  If that’s the case, skip the champagne component.  Either way, DON’T skip the fresh-squeezed part.  WHAT???!!!  You don’t own a juicing machine and don’t want to slave over a manual device and cover yourself in sticky orange???!!!  I don’t blame you a bit.  That’s why I count on my friends to do it for me:





Now if you’re one of those over-achieving kids (or a husband who REALLY wants to earn extra points) you can easily turn this simple affair of scrambled eggs, fruit, muffins and juice into an event to remember.  That’s when the party styling kicks in and you’ll be on the good side of Mom/Wife for another year.  At least.

Whether mom would prefer a palette of soft pastels, cheery brights, or somewhere in between there are party styling options with FREE PRINTABLES for every taste.  Is she understated & sweet:  Opt for “Cottage Garden” printables from Sweet As Designs.  Does she light up a room?  Opt for high-voltage brights from Amanda’s Parties to Go.  If she’s a lovely combination of the two aforementioned I’d suggest a perfect blend of pastel and “pop” from 9 to 5 mom.

From generation to generation, moms have gratefully accepted bouquets of dandelions as if they were straight out of the Rose Parade.  There’s something amazingly heartwarming about this:




That being said, unless you are five years old and someone is reading this blog TO YOU I’d like to suggest something a little more substantial on this one day out of the year.  If you have a regular florist, please continue to use them.  If you’re looking for an option that does not require online preordering you can certainly find a lovely option locally.

As a mom & wife, I can tell you that no matter WHAT you do for the special woman in your life it will be appreciated and remembered fondly.  But… taking some extra time & care by treating her heart and tummy to some special moments?  You can bet it’s a Culinary Yes Yes! 


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