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Memories, and Cinco De Mayo

From the moment I met Kevin’s mom, she and I were incredible friends.  She was truly the sweetest woman you could ever know.  When Kevin & I got engaged the first words out of her mouth were, “Welcome to the family.”  And she meant it.  While the years we had together were far too few, I truly treasure the time we did share.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing Kevin’s dad at all.  Kevin assures me that he “would have loved” me, and would have completely doted on his youngest grandchild as well.  I’m glad that Kevin is a wonderful storyteller because he truly keeps the memory of his dad alive.  From all these accounts I feel like I did know him.

I’m sharing this story with you today, in honor of Grandpa Roland as well as Cinco De Mayo… 


Kevin & Kyla, Walt Disney World November 2013


Like Kevin, his father never learned to play an instrument but had a deep love and appreciation for many kinds of music.  I’ve been told that from Glenn Miller to The Beatles, Dad loved it all.  I understand that he had a particular fondness for a little tune by the title “Amapola.”  I don’t really recall how it first occurred, but one day Kevin found a clip on YouTube and showed it to Kyla.  It was from a Lawrence Welk show featuring a beautiful Mexican singer with a spectacular voice.  Kevin explained to her how Grandpa Roland used to love it; she’s been smitten with Anacani ever since and can’t get enough of that song.  She is doing her best to learn the Spanish words and sing along “for Grandpa.”

So for a great dad, a wonderful father in law I can only know anecdotally, and a fabulous grandpa smiling down from Heaven, this one is for you, Roland Fischer:







Spanish version (original)

Amapola, lindísima Amapola,
Será siempre mi alma tuya, sola.
Yo te quiero, amada niña mía,
Igual que ama la flor la luz del día.

Amapola, lindísima Amapola,
No seas tan ingrata, ámame.
Amapola, Amapola,
¿Cómo puedes tú vivir tan sola?


English lyrics (1940) by Albert Gamse

Amapola, my pretty little poppy,
You're like the lovely flower so sweet and heavenly.
Since I found you my heart is wrapped around you,
And, seeing you, it seems to beat a rhapsody.

Amapola, the pretty little poppy
Must copy its endearing charms from you.
Amapola, Amapola,
How I long to hear you say "I love you."



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