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"There may be no issue on which the political bubble is more out of touch with the electorate than voter ID"

That would include the members of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Editorial Board, MJS columnist Eugene Kane, and other liberals in the media that see photo ID as everything except what it really is: the best safeguard against voter fraud, fraud that does truly exist, big time.

The MJS is a liberal newspaper. To suggest otherwise is laughable, insulting one's intelligence. They have abundance of liberal columnists. A rare exception just happens to be their best columnist, Christian Schneider, by far the best read on the paper’s Sunday editorial pages.

This past Sunday, Schneider nailed it on uber-liberal federal Judge Lynn Adelman's ruling against photo ID: 

“Adelman's opinion sets up the unsolvable liberal voting paradox: At the same time progressives argue that voting is so important that we shouldn't impose burdens on people who want to cast a ballot, they also send the message that voting isn't important enough for people to actually obtain the documentation necessary to be eligible.

“Adelman also claims that he knows voter fraud isn't happening in Wisconsin. And how does he know that? Because nobody is being caught and prosecuted for ‘voter impersonation,’ or the act of using someone else's name to vote.

“But Adelman can't possibly know that voter fraud isn't occurring. In fact, that is the whole point of requiring photo identification; without it, once a ballot is cast, it is virtually impossible to track down who actually cast it. Adelman's reasoning is circular; he claims that since no voter fraud is occurring, we shouldn't have the one law that would actually determine whether voter fraud is occurring. That's like saying that if we don't catch someone in the act spraying graffiti on a bridge, the graffiti can't possibly exist.

“In one preposterous passage that reads more like a blog post than a legal decision, Adelman asserts that given the benefit of stealing a vote vs. the potential cost of being caught, ‘a person would have to be insane to commit voter-impersonation fraud.’ You read that right — a federal judge is arguing that people don't break the law because breaking the law is illegal.”

Nicely done, Christian.

Meanwhile, state Senator Mary Lazich say it appears unlikely photo ID will be in place for the critical November elections.

And finally, the stark reality of the photo ID issue:


5/7/14 UPDATE: No voter ID for November elections

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