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My name is Kristan T. Harris. I have run for political office and have worked a political grass roots campaign for Ron Paul. I was nominated and elected to the GOP platform committee in 2012. I am a huge advocate for liberty and freedom.I am a libertarian at heart. I am also a news junkie and love a good mystery.

Four Psych Studies That Answered Almost Everything for Me

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Robert Burke | Waking Up Wisconsin (Magazine) 

 A few years ago I was in a rut.  My study of the economic collapse had stalled on a lack of new information, the crowd of doomsayers was on my last never (I have since shut them off), and generally speaking I felt I had reached peak fear over the impending events…which were likely still years off.  Worse, my efforts to awaken friends and family had proven a complete failure, my state legislators had removed me from their donor lists (I was a crazy prepper), and so I began to wonder if there was more about the current political dynamic I was missing .

What I began to study was psychology, and what I learned opened my eyes to why our country, and indeed world, was headed down an inevitable path.  Videos on all these studies can be found on YouTube and I recommend you watch each one.  I will finish with my personal favorite, “The Little Albert Experiment.”

How the psychopaths got in charge-

The Stanford Prison Experiment was conducted by Dr Philip Zimbardo and looked at the dynamic between authority and the ruled in a mock prison, a dynamic recently played out in real life at Abu Ghriab.  The deterioration of the experiment and rise of a power hungry authoritarians shocked not only Dr. Zimbardo, but also the other faculty he brought in to review the quickly deteriorating situation.  The two week study was stopped after six days with incredible findings about the nature of authority but there was one quote from an interview of Zimbardo that I thought summed up the real lesson; while not all the guards agreed with the actions of a few, no one stood up to the these authoritarians.

This is the dynamic we see on the red and blue team in particular in Washington D.C.  The practice was institutionalized in Reagan’s 11th commandment; “Thou shalt not speak ill of any other Republican,” (certainly adopted by the blue team), and completely explains both teams Washington D.C. leadership.  I tend to agree with blogger Chris Duane who say, “Power doesn’t corrupt, the corrupt seek power,” and no one has bothered to speak up as the psychopaths rose to power in the parties.

Why people don’t leave the two-party system-

The Smoke Filled Room Experiment placed a person all alone in a room to fill out a survey.  After a short while smoke was pumped in the room and being no one else was there to do anything most left for help in less that a few short moments.  In sample two they put actors, or “confederates in the know,” in the room who were told to ignore the smoke to see how long it takes for the participant to actually do something.  What the experiment codified is called the “diffusion of responsibility,” or an unwillingness to stand up in a group and actually lead when there is a problem, because certainly someone else is responsible.

Politicians don’t elect themselves, they need parties filled with participants willing to stay and support them regardless of the scandals and corruption that is clear on both sides.  In other words both parties are burning from the inside and no one is willing to sound the alarm because they expect others to do it if there really is a problem.  It’s a nasty sad thing but until someone important stands up and leaves, everyone will just sit and wait while both houses burn.

Why "group think" gives politicians free rein-

The situation within the party is made worse by the findings in the Asch Conformity Experiment.  In this experiment there were 4 actors or “confederates,” and a participant placed in a room and asked with the others to judge which line on the right matched the one on the left?  This test was not designed in any way to be a trick of the visual sense but rather show group conformity. In the end as high as 75% of the participants were willing to give at least one wrong answer in order to not stand out from the group.

The members of America’s two major political parties are trapped by a paradigm they know is wrong, Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme and Medicare is robbing us blind, but most are afraid to stand out and tell the truth.  Conforming to the political message of Rush Limbaugh or Rachael Maddow and being “in” the group means more to people than intellectual honest.  No where is this more apparent than the Affordable Care Act where it would appear that until your premium goes up 40%, or you actually lose your coverage, will you question what you have been told.  Even then people still won’t listen.

How they keep you in line and afraid-

The Little Albert Experiment built on Pavlov’s conditioning experiment and was designed to see if they could condition an emotional response.  Undoubtedly, this was an experiment which the 9 month old’s mother likely regretted for the rest of her life.  Building on Pavlov’s conditioning work the experiment wanted to find out if an emotional response could be conditioned.  First, Little Albert was introduced to simple things like a white rat, a dog, and fire to measure the young man’s response.  Without prior interaction with these things the child was inquisitive and unfazed.  Later in the experiment the white rat was reintroduced and a pipe was struck from behind to startle him and sending him into tears.  What followed at the next visit was just the reintroduction of just the rat, to which Albert turned tail and ran.  A highly conditioned emotional response.

Should the red team and blue team ever feel they are losing their base they are both happy to bang the pipe.  None is better at this than the red team with gun rights and the blue team with abortion.  Let’s be clear on one these issues, the Supreme Court has ruled on abortion and as for guns; Wisconsin gun ownership is amongst the highest in the nation and when you pair that with our population size we represent the 5th largest army in the world.  No one is coming to take our guns and as governor I would actuate the militia as called for by the constitution should they try.

Two years ago, when I could get no meaningful response from the people I helped elect and the two-party system I defended, I left the system.  Psychopaths focused on the next election controlled the system.  I was the outlier screaming about the smoke but none of them cared.  I feverishly explained that the line on the left, our debt, was matching the one on the right, pointing straight at hyperinflation.  But the party banged the pipe, “we have to stay together or the blue team wins and all will be lost!” leaving people afraid to ever consider leaving.

There was one interesting outcome from the Asch Conformity Experiment you should know.  When a confederate spoke up first in disagreement of the answer, the subjects almost never gave a wrong answer again.  You see, what they system fears is us waking up and telling a friend it’s time to head from the door.  This election is Authoritarian Vs Libertarian…jump in, the waters warm over here.

Robert Burke is a Libertarian Candidate for Governor of Wisconsin.

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