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Wisconsin Brat Fest Retracts Invitation to Suicide Prevention Awareness Speaker for Being Pro-Life

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Kristan T. Harris 

bratThe worlds largest Brat Fest in Madison, Wisconisn has a new attraction called the lifest stage. The stage was added following a partnership between Tim Metcalfe of Brat Fest and Lifest after Metcalfe attended last years event to get some business ideas on setting up for a big event and in doing so, was touched by Bob Lenz's suicide prevention awareness message.

However, the new addition has caused controversy primarily due to the speaking invitation of Lenz, who was expected to speak at 5:30 p.m on the stage Saturday about teen suicide at Brat Fest.

Bob Lenz is the founder of Lifest, one of Wisconsin's largest music festival's in support of life that is predominately supported by religious organizations. He also heads up a group called Life Promotions based in Appleton that sends speakers out across the country to talk about pro-life topics such as suicide and abortion. 

However after some negative feedback from a story in Sunday’s Wisconsin State Journal, and written letters from local officials, Metcalfe has decided to rescind his invitation to Lenz. 

“It was brought to my attention that the speaker’s affiliation caused some concerns and as a result, I respectfully rescinded the offer,” he wrote. “Our goal is to make Brat Fest a great experience for all who attend.” 

lisasubeckMadison Ald. Lisa Subeck had written an open letter to Metcalfe rejecting his offer to partake in the 32-year-old Wisconsin tradition as a “celebrity cashier” because of the scheduled speech by Bob Lenz, who is deeply involved in Save the Storks, an anti-abortion movement.

Save the Storks is a group based in Colorado Springs that parks buses outside abortion clinics and offers free ultrasound images to pregnant women. Benz just completed a 40-day tour on behalf of the Save the Storks’ “Stork Bus,” in which he spoke at 25 rallies.

carasaulDane County Sup. Carousel Bayrdcommended the decision stating allegedly that some elected officials and community leaders from Madison signed a letter she was going to send to Metcalfe asking him to uninvite Lenz. She added that several women told her they were going to cancel plans to volunteer at Brat Fest if Lenz spoke there.

“He may not have been speaking about abortion, but (Lenz) is a very hateful person and should not be a speaker here in Madison,” Bayrd said. “Tim did a good thing by canceling that invitation.”

Lenz told the Wisconsin State Journal that his talk would not focus on abortion, instead touching on general Christian themes, Subeck, the head of progressive group United Wisconsin and one of two Democrats running for an open state Assembly district on Madison’s west side, said the two could not be separated given Lenz’s prominent role in anti-abortion activism.

“We have to stop allowing the media to divide us as a people and a human race and to live out the message that you can disagree with someone and still show them respect,” Lenz said.
“The touchstone of our society is to show tolerance and respect for different ideas without enforcing conformity to one idea.” . 


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