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If you build it, they WILL come

I’m a proud City of Franklin resident, as I’ve stated before.  I simply feel that we need a lot more retail development than we’ve seen over the years.  I’m counting on Mayor Steve Olson and our Common Council to facilitate the changes we so desperately need and want.  But I’m not expecting this to happen overnight.

In the meantime, I will continue to closely follow the amazing renaissance that is happening with our neighbor, Oak Creek.  You know Oak Creek… similar to Franklin in many ways.  Yet vastly different in a major one.

Mayor Steve Scaffidi, and Oak Creek Common Council may I offer a suggestion for the soon-to-be hustle & bustle retail part of Drexel Town Square?  Why not encourage a store that we currently do not have AT ALL in the wonderful state of Wisconsin?  How about wooing a company that 58% of people surveyed want to see in the Milwaukee area?


Yes, the question on many shoppers’ minds is “When is Ikea coming to Milwaukee?” 

Given the recent developments (The Mayfair Collection,) I realize that Wauwatosa is also an option for a Wisconsin location of the Swedish company.  ‘Tosa is already getting a Container Store, so let’s beat ‘em to the punch so to speak.  Instead of driving right past Oak Creek on I94 to get to Schaumburg, IL (IKEA’s closet location for Southeast WI) people will be in a frenzy to get to the 53154 Zip code, a la a grand opening in Colorado.

Business Insider offers an analysis of why shopping at IKEA is so popular - A Magical Experience Like Nothing In The World.  Why not offer consumers something they clearly and urgently want?  Oh and those meatballs…



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