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Culinary yes-yes #78

While Memorial Day has a somber history and meaning there is no denying that it’s also the unofficial kick-off to Summer and the grilling season…

I’ve always loved grilled food… even the humble ground chuck patty is elevated in status when placed upon a grate over smoky coals.  There is something so magical about that first bite of burger, hot dog or kebab of the season.  Then again, I’m kind of spoiled.  Kevin enjoys grilling year-round.  One of our favorite traditions is cooking a New Year’s Eve feast that includes lobster tails, filets, and baked potatoes prepared on our Weber grill.  Standing out there tending the food is no great fun but coming inside to enjoy steaming Surf & Turf is certainly worth the effort.

Traditionally when I think of grilling out, I think of my hubby standing over the open flame with a slab of something guaranteed to make any carnivore drool:



I admit it:  I’ve been afraid to grill.  Give me an oven or range top any day.  I can set the thermostat to 350º and in minutes I hear a beep confirming optimal temperature has been reached.  I can adjust my gas flame and see immediately if things will cook faster or slower.  But a charcoal grill????  You’ve gotta be kidding me!!!!  I’m supposed to know how hot is hot enough just by looking at those black chunks turned grey?  And what’s this business about direct & indirect?  I’m sorry but I toss a roast in the oven and it goes in the middle, on the center rack and I time it for a couple hours.  End of story.

Well, as you know, Kevin was recovering from hip replacement surgery this spring.  It’s not exactly on the list of Doctor’s Orders to wield a plate of meat and tongs while hobbling down a porch step using a walker.  So what are your options?  Well you can pine away for briquette-baked burgers, wishing you weren’t restricted to activities such as reading or flipping the channels.  OR you can teach your wife to use a grill.

Suddenly the grill master image for our house was transformed…



Well, OK.  Maybe that’s a little off.  After all, Kevin never drinks beer.  But I digress.

After a couple hesitant tries and my asking a thousand questions, I no longer fear the flame.  In fact, I’m growing to enjoy it!  Believe it or not the other night I actually tossed some brats on and Kevin wasn’t even home.  (And no, I did NOT put ketchup on them despite his absence.)

You know I’ve made a serious commitment to something when I create a Pinterest board dedicated to it.  Granted right now there aren’t too many pins.  But just wait!  Now that I’ve discovered the awesome site Girls At The Grill, there are bound to be more!  I might not ever win any BBQ contests but I’m happy just to have another method of cooking delicious food for my family & friends.

I never thought I’d say this, but…  Women taking over the grill?  Totally a Culinary Yes Yes!

P.S.  If you’re still hesitant about grilling…  Save your allowance cuz it’s not available on the market just yet, but THIS could alleviate all your fears:


You need something to put ON your grill, right?  Buy local and discover benefits.

As long as we’re shattering gender-based, food-related stereotypes this week…  Way to go, Ashley!


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