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Culinary yes-yes #79

It’s rare to see an article that says “Moms are SO hard to buy for” a week or two before Mother’s Day.  Yet I see it all the time for Father’s Day:  “What can you get dad this year?” or “Is your dad tough to shop for?”

Honestly I don’t understand why dads are supposedly so difficult while moms are incredibly simple.  I’d venture to guess that dads treasure homemade cards, handprints, etc. just as much as the other parental unit.  If dad received a gift certificate to his favorite barber shop why wouldn’t he like it as much as mom loves one from her salon?  How about time alone, just you & dad, doing something you both enjoy like a movie, sporting event or trip to a museum?

Of course every dad is different.  The same can be said for moms.  The point is whether you are celebrating your hubby’s first father’s day or are an adult child now trying to make your own dad feel like a king for a day, it’s not as tough as you might think.

Dads aren’t going to say it outright, but they don’t mind a bit of being spoiled now and then.  There’s nothing wrong with presenting dad his favorites throughout the day, particularly foods.  Now that Kyla is a little older she loves figuring out what we’re going to do for Daddy on his day.  She’s obviously not old enough to prepare a meal herself but she’s great at sharing ideas!  We like to plan an entire day around food and of course the Fischer girls have to add a theme, just for the fun of it.  One year it was Daddy is my Superhero, one year it was Guess How Much I Love You with Big Nutbrown Hare and Little Nutbrown Hare.  This year it will be.  Wait a minute!  I can’t tell you just yet!  We’ll have to offer an update cuz we can’t spoil the surprise!

Even if Dad doesn’t have time during the week for much more than coffee and toast, there’s nothing wrong with making up for it on Sunday.  Instead of the stuff that comes in a paper cup with a cardboard hand protector, let him savor a leisurely few cups that you brew yourself.  Hand him a new mug perhaps?  Kyla’s tradition is to give Daddy a mug that he can then take to work and remember the moment.

What are his breakfast favorites?  Kevin generally orders sweet over savory, so we’ll do our own version of Banana-stuffed French Toast from the Kona Café.  (It’s a favorite stop when we’re at Walt Disney World.)  But if Pops prefers good ol’ bacon & eggs then so be it!  We’ve also gone out for brunch which is a delightful option as well.  (Remember, it’s all about what Dad wants – let him choose!)

Some dads might be health nuts (not Kyla’s!) some might want to keep it simple (think, just a good ol’ American burger) and some might like to go gourmet a la Emeril.  So naturally the meal should fit the man.  Kevin doesn’t mind making most of “his” meal on the grill for all of us to enjoy.  But we truly enjoy pampering him, planning every detail, and making sure everything is just so.  After all, he does so much for his daughter that it’s our one special day to say Thank You.

If the Dad(s) in your life try to insist on making their own meal on Father’s Day saying “it’s no big deal” force them to sit down, enjoy a beverage, and then perhaps take an idea or two from here.    As long as they get to take a day off, they’ll be thrilled.  Trust me.  And for many reasons, don’t forget to snap a few photos throughout the day.  I know Kevin treasures those most of anything:





Making sure Dad really is King of the Castle for at least one day?  You know he’s (secretly!) agreeing with me:  You bet it’s a Culinary Yes Yes!




You might not be able to tell a Manhattan from an Old Fashioned.  But you can be TREATED like a bartender.  Here’s how.


This is one “waiter” mom will never forget.


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