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Culinary yes-yes #80

Milwaukee Area

 The “old” Coerper’s Five O’Clock Club

Eddie Martini’s

Ward’s House of Prime (and, previously, Yanni’s)


Dream Dance

Butch’s Old Casino

Packing House

The Steakout

The Clock

 Wisconsin Locations

 Vince Lombardi’s Steakhouse – Appleton

Hi-Way Harry’s – Johnson Creek

Fields at the Wilderness – WI Dells

 Outside of Wisconsin

Yachtman Steakhouse – Disney World (Yacht & Beach Club Resort)

Le Cellier – Disney World (EPCOT)

Prime – Las Vegas (inside Bellagio Hotel)

Old Hickory Steakhouse – Nashville (inside Gaylord Opryland Hotel)


You’re sensing a theme, already aren’t you?  You astute reader!  It’s not surprising that you know we’re talking steak houses.  You must feed your body the right kinds of fuel; your brain is clearly working well.  It’s probably thanks to fabulous nutrients.

The above list is my personal one… it’s all the steak houses I’ve been to in my life.  I’m proud to say that it’s not finalized.  I plan on visiting many more as the years go on.  There are people out there who say, “Oh!  I don’t eat red meat” like they’re saying, “Oh!  I don’t stuff baby kittens in plastic bags and toss them in the lake.”  Really?  How sad for you.  And how fortunate for me; I’ll gladly take your portion and save you from whatever tragedies you think will happen if you have a filet.



June brings some awesome things to celebrate.  For those of us who were June brides, we have our wedding anniversaries.  Graduates certainly have reasons to party.  Daddies everywhere enjoy a special day to be recognized.  But one of my favorites?  National Steakhouse Month!

What better thing to celebrate than a restaurant that specializes in rib eye, filet, t-bone, and Porterhouse as their main menu items?  I’m proud to be old fashioned when it comes to steak preparation and presentation.  I’m more than happy with a classic Beef Wellington or filet mignon.  Adding a baked potato with a crispy, salted skin; glass of Cabernet and tossed salad makes me a very happy girl.

However if you’re going to “jazz things up” especially to welcome a newly appointed Executive Chef, I can’t think of a better way than how my favorite Packing House is celebrating.  From their Facebook post on June 2nd: 

“Happy National Steakhouse Month!

In honor of Steakhouse Month The Packing House's Executive Chef Nick Scheeler has created delicious Menu Specials:

-Dry Rubbed Culotte Steak with our secret spice blend, charbroiled to order

-Pork Theresa, a uniquely Wisconsin-inspired twist on Cordon Bleu: pork loin stuffed with Widmer's Mild Brick cheese, Speck ham, grilled asparagus, roasted mushrooms & wrapped in a tender pretzel dough

-Chicken Monterey: chicken breast topped with bacon and roasted mushrooms then smothered in Colby-Jack cheese, garnished with red peppers and scallions

-Flat Iron Steak Sandwich (available for Lunch), grilled to order with house pickled red onion and chimichurri sauce on toasted Ciabatta

Celebrate Steakhouse Month at The Packing House, recently voted "Milwaukee's Best Steakhouse"!

View our Menus and Entertainment Schedule (LIVE music nightly Wednesday-Saturday) at and to make dinner reservations call 414-483-5054.”


It’s a good thing I’ve had dinner already as I'm typing this, or I’d be eating my keyboard.  (Dinner, BTW, freshly ground chuck patty burgers from Sendik’s, grilled to perfection.)

So I’ve said being old fashioned in steak preferences is just fine by me.  I’ve also just mentioned that adding some new items to a classic menu (a la Packing House) is perfectly wonderful.  If you’d like to take the idea of updating a steakhouse even further then consider the concept of the modern meatery.  Hmm…  I don’t have a problem with that.  (PETA would of course but this blog isn’t about that bunch of flakes.)

An entire month-long celebration honoring the institution of the steak house?  OMG.  A Culinary Yes Yes sent from Heaven!


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