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Happy Father's Day to all the TRUE dads!

I didn’t say “real” dads, I said “true” dads.  To me they can be vastly different.  “Real” is the biological connection.  But in a time when terms like “baby daddy” and “sperm donor” are common, “true” dads may or may not have genetic ties to their child/children.  It doesn’t matter.  I can’t speak from a Father’s perspective; only as a daughter, wife, and mother.  I think, though, that the following things are almost universally the case with true dads:


·       Dads want to be the Alpha Male.  I mean this in a very positive light in that they want to be the providers.  Moms nurture and fix boo-boos.  Dads protect and put food on the table.  They feel the utmost responsibility for their family. 

·       Dads live in the future.  They don’t try to figure out how to make fondant mortarboard-topped cupcakes for Little Johnny’s kindergarten graduation next week.  They are focused on making sure Johnny’s college fund has enough zeros. 

·       Dads are tough.  On themselves, that is.  We mommies are happy to put ourselves out there… mom blogs, self-improvement books, social networking… we’ll gladly admit we think we’re not doing enough and that we struggle.  Dads have the same worries, they just internalize. 

·       Dads are softies, too.  Some may display it more openly than others but when it comes down to it, they are just as touched by a specially framed photo or hand print gift as Moms are. 

·       Dads are heroes.  They don’t have to wear capes to save us from monsters under the bed, bullies on the playground, or our own internal demons.  They can rescue us from physical and mental catastrophes with their personal form of kryptonite.  

·       Dads are proud.  They love the family they have created.  They will gladly tell stories about Little League home runs, spelling test A’s, piano recitals, first jobs and work promotions.  Moms aren’t the only ones who like to brag! 

·       Dads have high expectations.  They want you to do your best.  Some may seek perfection but mostly they want you to live and work up to your full potential.  If they seem difficult to please at times it really, truly is because they care. 

·       Dads work hard.  Whether mentally or physically they know what they have to do and they do it.  There are many dads who work or have worked more than one job to make financial life more comfortable for their family.  Could they spend that time doing something more enjoyable?  Of course.  But re-read the first point. 

·       Dads love you.  The ways they show it are as vast and different as the men themselves.  Some are strong & silent, others are demonstrative.  Some will buy you things, others will reward you with words.  Some like to share your limelight, others prefer the background.  The bottom line is, no one can love you like your dad.


Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there.  For those have left us much too soon; we love them in memory.  For those we have with us we say thank you for all you do.  For those who only have an ultrasound picture yet, we say congratulations:  the best is yet to come.

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