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Milwaukee Artist Draws Attention to Surveillance State and NSA Spying

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Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

Milwaukee Police among many other departments across the country have been using a technology called ‘Stingray’ to spy on communications, while implementing a network of security cameras around town.

And a local artist has a new concept based on all the recent news of spying.


Elias working on his 15 foot high surveillance tower

Elias Vallejo is erecting a 15 foot tall surveillance tower to display at the CultureJam art expo in July.

He plans on his cameras taking on a mind of their own, much like the outrageous spying.

Saying on his Facebook: “the installation will be 15+ ft high and it’ll see everything…

Although Elias isn’t promoting placing his cameras anywhere unlawful, expect to see the cameras appearing around town.

Milwaukee has been known for artistic expression, and Elias seems to be finding a way to draw attention to our Orwellian society.

People who have never looked for real cameras, may start searching for Elias’s displays only to discover the true amount of surveillance we are under, while also bringing some street art culture to the city.

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