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You can improve the lives of our troops severely disabled in Iraq and Afghanistan

Heroes Thanking Heroes program - Please donate today
"The Heroes Thanking Heroes program has truly changed my life."
- Ashlee Williams

Heroes Thanking Heroes program - Please donate todayTrue friendship is about sticking together through the good times and the hard times. You've been a true and faithful friend to our severely disabled servicemen and women by supporting them during their hard times -- so I wanted to make sure you hear how your generosity is helping them back to the good times.

My name is David Walker, and I'm president of the Coalition to Salute America's Heroes.

I'm emailing you to share a story about our Heroes Thanking Heroes (HTH) program -- one practical way your generous giving is improving the lives of our troops severely disabled in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This innovative program offers part-time, flexible employment to our wounded veterans and their spouses by employing them to make phone calls from their homes thanking another set of heroes -- our wonderful supporters, like you!

J.D. and Ashlee Williams are a military family who made it through the hard times thanks to your support, the Coalition, and the HTH program. As you read their story in Ashlee's own words, I hope you're encouraged to hear how your generous donations are helping our wounded heroes provide for their families and learn new skills.

"I am the proud wife and caregiver to a United States Army Veteran. In October of 2010, my husband of four years stepped on an improvised explosive device (IED) while on patrol in Afghanistan. Like many other military wives who have been trained to expect the unexpected, I should have been prepared. But how can you truly prepare yourself for an event like this?

The phone call every military spouse dreads informed me that my husband, Jack (J.D.) had lost both of his legs and one of his arms. As a young married couple with an 11 month old child, our lives were turned upside down in an instant. I left my job of eight years and packed up our daughter and moved to San Antonio to be by his side. We had no idea when we would be returning home.

We raised our daughter in a small hotel room. We dragged her around numerous hospitals and recovery centers. We had no choice. We really tried to give her the best life we could considering the situations we were faced with. I constantly felt like I was failing as a mother and the guilt I was feeling began taking a toll on my family. We suffered through two years of therapy with no end in sight. There were good days, bad days, sad days, proud days, and some days that I never want to relive again in my life. But, FINALLY, we were retired from the military and given orders to return back home to Kentucky. Honestly, I was more ready than ever. I couldn't wait to be surrounded by the love of my family and friends that I had lost so much time with. The previous two years had been rough and I was on the verge of a breakdown if I didn't catch a break from life.

I was struggling trying to find a balance between being my husband's caregiver and being his wife. I put all of my focus and effort into making sure he and our daughter could readjust to civilian life. I was sure this is what a caregiver was supposed to do, but I had it all wrong. I began losing weight, a total of 43lbs in a 4 month period. I wasn't eating right, I rarely slept, and most of all, I barricaded myself from the love and support I needed most. I was falling apart and too busy too even notice. After reading an article on a term known as "caregiver burnout," I realized I was a true victim. If I didn't start taking care of myself, I was going to die. And, then who would care for my family?

It took my husband stepping in and insisting on me doing something for myself. I began researching work-at-home jobs I could do and still be able to provide care to J.D. when he needed me. The Coalition is the ONLY organization that provides such an opportunity to veterans and caregivers. The Heroes Thanking Heroes program has truly changed my life. To be able to call donors and say thank you for supporting an organization we truly believe in has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me. I can't thank the Coalition to Salute America's Heroes enough for helping me find my balance as a wife and caregiver and providing me with an incredible opportunity."

At the Coalition, we know your generous donations are changing lives every day. But I want to make sure you know it too. I hope this story from the grateful and relieved wife of a disabled hero is as encouraging to you as it is to me.

Our wounded troops like J.D. Williams sacrificed so much -- and so have their families. Now your support and sacrifice are helping them rebuild their lives. So when I say "Thank you from the bottom of my heart," know that those words are also a heartfelt "thank you" from the severely disabled heroes whose lives you have changed.


David W. Walker
David Walker, President & CEO
Coalition to Salute America's Heroes

P.S. If J.D. and Ashlee's story touched your heart, I hope you'll consider giving again right now and continue changing the lives of our wounded heroes and their families.

Heroes Thanking Heroes program - Please donate today

Please consider giving again right now to continue changing the lives of our wounded heroes

Heroes thanking heroes
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