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I REFUSE to celebrate the 4th of July

Seriously.  I do not, and will not, ever celebrate the 4th of July.  Just like I don’t celebrate December 25th or even February 14th.  I celebrate INDEPENDENCE DAY, CHRISTMAS, and SAINT VALENTINE’S DAY, respectively.

Why is it SO difficult for people to call it Independence Day?  I don’t understand.  We are not recognizing some particular date in July.  We are recognizing the birth of the most amazing country in the world.  Everyone, and I do mean everyone, has a 4th of July no matter where they live.  That country just to the North of us with a maple leaf on their national flag?  Yep.  They’ve got a July 4th.  Across the pond – that cute couple with the almost-one-year-old son?  You guessed it.  They have July 4th there as well.

As Americans, we should be heart-burstingly (yes, I made that word up but it works for me!) proud to celebrate Independence Day.  I know that my humble blog from Franklin, WI might not reach the millions of people whose minds I want to change.  But as a reader of Ms. Elaine Keeous, I am asking YOU to share this blog with your friends on Facebook, LinkedIn contacts, and email lists.  Help me spread the word that the U.S.A.’s spectacular day is more than just a date on a calendar.

And while you’re at it, please, PLEASE, PLEASE  start talking to your children about Independence Day.  Obviously they’re on summer break and won’t be learning about it in school.  Most likely kids don’t learn enough about it during the academic year anyhow, so don’t skip this important history lesson.  It certainly doesn’t have to be boring.  Kyla already holds this holiday dear to her heart for all the RIGHT reasons.



One final note:  I would like to offer my sincere and unending thanks to all the incredibly brave men and women in our military.  Without your dedication to our country we would not be able to celebrate our holiday with BBQ’s, fireworks displays, and parades.  While we are enjoying our burgers & cold beverages you are putting your lives in jeopardy to keep us safe & free.


Once again, Ms. Elaine Keeous readers, I want to wish you a HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!

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