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Culinary yes-yes #84

OK, OK, I admit it.  I’m behind the eight ball.  Or cake ball.  Whatever.  I will never, EVER be a trend-setter.  And quite frankly I’m not all that interested in FOLLOWING trends either.  Whether it’s fashion, baking, or music I’m happy to march to my own drummer.  I know what I’m comfortable wearing, eating, and listening to.  I’m “comfortable in my own skin” as they say and don’t need to follow cool to be cool.

That’s why, today, I’m not the least bit ashamed to admit that I finally, FINALLY caught on to making cake pops.  Or in my case cake balls.  ToMAYto, toMAHto.  One has a stick, one doesn’t.  Same concept.  Cake…  Frosting...  Candy coating...  Nirvana.

I’m not up for the debate as to who actually started this trend over five years ago.  Rumor has it that Bakerella is to thank for the additional pounds on the scale and inches on our hips.  Clearly, Angie Dudley is a whiz at making these confections.  While combining crumbled cake & frosting isn’t exactly Nobel Prize material, Angie has taken molding & dipping to an entirely new level.

Why, after all this time, am I finally devoting a blog to these sweet little things?  Simple…  I finally made my own.  And I’m hooked.  I’ll admit it.  The first time I had a cake pop it did nothing for me.  And I couldn’t begin to imagine why people all over the world were going crazy for them.  I thought, “I must be crazy.  So I will keep my disinterest in cake pops a total secret.  I will act enthusiastic when my ‘cool’ friends swoon over them and continue to wonder what all the fuss is about.”

For some reason it took one glorious cake pop to change my – ahem – world.  Please don’t think I share this blogger’s opinion of the cake pop.  Because I 110% do not.  But the photos are great and you get a clear understanding of how Disney creates their own goodies.  This past trip to WDW in 2013 was the first time I had one.  (Hanging head in shame as I type.)  It will most certainly not be my last.

Then, about a week ago, I got the book “Eat More Dessert” by Jenny Keller from the Franklin Public Library.  Not only do I not follow trends, I generally shy away from “chef to the stars” publications.  (Funny thing, I don’t have Tori Spelling’s budget.)  Still, Jenny captured my attention immediately.  Her recipes were down-to-earth and her business story was something I hope to relate to soon.   (You know, stay-at-home mom turns confectionista to the wealthy.)  Just look at these simple, but totally beautiful, bites of deliciousness as posted on her blog:



I read the list of basics needed:  cake, frosting, candy melts.  In MY pantry those are considered staples.  And, I had just used her cupcake & frosting recipes for a birthday party I attended.  Clearly I did something wrong, because I actually had frosting left over.  Oh wait – maybe it’s because I had a single batch of cupcakes and DOUBLED her recipe for frosting.  At any rate I had a bit of sugary goodness in the fridge and I was not about to let it go to waste.  (Going to WAIST is a different story.)

I wasn’t out to impress anyone on this first go-round.  Perhaps it was the lack of pressure.  With no deadlines, no perfection to achieve, and a throw caution to the wind attitude they turned out BEAUTIFULLY.  I definitely learned a few things as I went along.  But even the less-than-perfect-looking bites were pure deliciousness.  I do wish I would have found this troubleshooting blog tutorial sooner though.

For many reasons, Eat Dessert First will be a book I actually purchase.  Another must-buy on my list is this gem.  I didn’t know where to start; each page was filled with inspiration and beautiful photos.  I think the pages should have been plastic-coated though as more than once I had to wipe drool from my mouth!

All I can say is, this first batch of cake balls will NOT be my last.  I look forward to experimenting with flavors and decorations.  I can all but guarantee that I will never shape my pops in anything other than spheres.  If you want fancy, contact aforementioned Angie Dudley.  But if you’re craving something sweet and “popable” then by all means, contact me.  I’ll gladly make you a batch.  And if there happen to be extras well that’s just an occupational hazard.

Finally trying a trend after it’s become a classic?  Well for this girl, it’s a total Culinary Yes Yes!




Anniversary “celebration” at Red Lobster.  

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