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Happy to cling, thank you

Do I long for the days of actual letter writing, or at least sending post cards?  Of course I do.  I’m one of those “throwbacks” who would actually prefer to live in a simpler, less electronic and instant-everything world.  But since, unfortunately, I wasn’t born in the Laura Petrie time and place I have adjusted.  At least, a bit.  I’m still holding out against getting a smart phone or tablet.  I’m addicted to Pinterest and Facebook but I think Twitter and InstaGram are lame and useless.  (Yes, I know.  Go ahead and shake your head at me.  I’ve had it happen to my face:  “I can’t BELIEVE you don’t have a smart phone.  That is crazy.”)

When I signed up for Facebook five years ago, it was because I was sick of emailing everyone new baby photos.  I figured I’d post to Facebook and it was up to whomever wanted to see them to look at them.  Five years later I’ve reconnected with friends and family, and have had a blast communicating with people.  It’s a great way for me to get my conservative news, too.  I “like” pages that provide the latest and greatest via Megyn Kelly, FOX News, Independent Journal Review, etc.  Far better than turning on Canceled News Network.

While I don’t consider my daily use of Facebook “clinging” I do use it for a few of the reasons listed on a recent blog.  Yes, I totally use it as a way to keep in touch.  I had a dear friend move to Ohio.  While I consider her a “dear friend” I wouldn’t pick up the phone once a week to call her and check in.  So when I see her status update of a recent marriage engagement of course I will post a congratulatory comment, and look forward to seeing wedding photos.

I have a former coworker who has remained another good friend.  She is AMAZING at remembering your birthday and wouldn’t DREAM of not sending you an old-fashioned, hand-signed, snail-mail card for your special day.  It warms my heart every year when I hit the mail box and see her cute handwriting.  I am NOT her.  There are exactly two people in my life who get a hand-signed card from me on their birthday and I’m pretty sure you know who I mean.  So I truly appreciate the opportunity to quickly, easily, and electronically wish my friends and extended family a happy day ON their day.

There’s also another great reason I enjoy Facebook.  If you are reading this blog because you saw my shared link, there’s your answer.  I know I don’t have the readership that my hubby’s This Just In does.  And I’m OK with that.  But if your time is as limited and precious as mine, you read blogs that people post to Facebook but you don’t necessarily seek out the blog on your own every day.  I post every blog I write to Facebook as a way of promoting it.  I also like to post my latest confection creations on my SAHM business page.

So why are YOU still clinging to Facebook?  Any of these reasons?


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