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Retro Kids' Summer Game - Punch Buggy

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So as a kid growing up in the 80’s my friends and family played the “Punch Bug” (Slug bug to some) game.  Now a days in my family we do a “Tap and flick bug” or correctly put, we still call it Punch Buggy but instead of a punch we do a tap or flick. 


We play all year, not just in Summer!


I was very good at it and my dad was very good as well!


When my now 8 year old daughter learned about this game two years ago at Y-Camp and it is one of her favorite things to watch for the punch buggy.


So as a family we have been playing it this summer.


Now many people my age or slightly older/younger know the retro rules.  I have been informed what the new rules are.


Punch buggy rules:


First the types:


Classic Punch buggy Volkswagen 'Type 1' or 'Standard' Beetle = 2 Punches

“New” VW Bug= 1 Punch

Super Punch Bug = 2 Punches


What do you do when you see one?


You say the color of the car and punch buggy like this "Green Punch Buggy" while simultaneously tapping the person you're with on the shoulder, not hard, just enough to make contact felt. You must say the whole thing color and punch buggy to count.


My daughter said to make sure to put the first part another way for those who use Slug:


When you see a VW Beetle of a particular color, you must be the first to slug whoever you're with and say "Slug Bug" and the color of the car, e.g. "Slug Bug Red!"


You must have correctly identified the color.  The standard primary colors are all that is needed, so you don’t need Cherry Red it would just be red or cream is white.  If you say the wrong color (e.g. Yellow Punch Buggy or Slug Bug Blue when the car is actually black), the other person may punch/slug you back twice.


We've agreed that if it's a two colored bug you can call: both colors, the predominant color or say "Punch Buggy, two-tone”   If it's more than two colors (multicolored), then calling it: the predominant color (if it has one)


Keep in mind that silver and grey are interchangeable.


The Proximity or Familiarity Rule shall apply at all times.  Any eligible VW bug vehicle that is parked near a player’s home or within their regular and customary travels is okay to use.


Once it is called it is out of play for the rest of the trip.  A trip is back and forth.  Now a new trip, it is back on the market.


How to call a 'Prove it'.  If some who got hit didn't see the bug and they call a 'prove it'. Then if you go back and the bug IS there, then it's another free hit for you.  If you're proven wrong, then the guy you hit gets two hits: one to return your hit, and one for being wrong.  If the bug is in motion and you can't turn to follow or find it, then the honor system applies here to some degree.  Hopefully someone else in the car can speak on your behalf if you get that desperate.


If a Punch Buggy is falsely identified, one point will be deducted.  If that discovery is made post-slug, every player will retaliate by thumping the arm the one who falsely cried “Color Punch Buggy” two times.


Remember - All punch buggies must receive the confirmation of at least one eye-witness.  You must have correctly identified the car as a Beetle.  If it's not, the other person may slug you back twice.


If really think you see one and start to call it then immediately admit you are wrong, it’s forgiven, and no punches are given.


Punches expire 10 seconds after a Punch Buggy is called; punches cannot be banked except when the other person is the driver - No punching the driver while the car is in motion, we don’t want any accidents.


Some people add this rule - Slugging back twice is normal - once for balance, and once again as punishment.


The person who STARTS saying the punch buggy first gets the points for that car not who finishes first.  However they must start with the color if doing a punch buggy or end with the color if don’t slug bug.  So if two people start saying it but one forgets the color and the other does say the color it goes to the one who said it correctly.  Just as saying only “Red” without the punch buggy is not valid.


Remember - If a person is driving, and needs to keep both hands on the wheel, then the bump/punch/slug is delayed until the driver finds it safe to do so.


Play fair and have fun.  You are not out for blood.



New and new convertible


Super Bug

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