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About That New Climate Report

Climate Change, Global Warming, Science

Here is my friend Edward’s thought provoking catches.


“Four groups of scientists, who rely on slightly different methods to calculate global surface temperatures, ranked 2013 slightly differently compared with other years.”  


Interesting – the data itself is a calculation?


“‘The major greenhouse gases all reached new record high values in 2013,’said Jessica Blunden, a climate scientist with ERT, Inc., and a NOAA contractor who helped write the report.” 


Who is “ERT Inc.”?  A Google search of Jessica Blunden sows that she “grew up in a geodesic dome built by her father” and was inspired to be in environmental science yet studied business management in college and didn’t come back to the environment until she stated graduate school part-time.


"Boosted by warm Pacific Ocean temperatures (which causes water to expand) and melting ice sheets, sea level rose 0.15 inches."


Did they mean that the volume of water increases or do they think that water itself "expands" in the heat?  From the wording I think they actually believe the latter which would be an absolutely ridiculous assertion!


There are more gems but see for yourself -


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