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Wow Not Looking Good For Apple

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Why People Aren't Buying iPads Anymore


With super-cheap tablets available from Amazon, Samsung, Asus, Lenovo and companies many of us have never even heard of, why would you shell out upwards of $400 for an iPad?


Here’s why many people want their BlackBerrys back after switching to iOS and Android


Following the release of the original iPhone in 2007 and the subsequent launch of Android, many people with work-issued phones spent years asking for their employers to switch away from BlackBerry smartphones to more modern devices.  Finally, as Apple and Google increased their focus on security and BlackBerry hit dire straights a few years ago, workers began getting what that wanted and bring your own device (BYOD) policies became more common.


More recently, however, an interesting trend is being observed: Workers want their BlackBerrys back.



Apple could be ‘obsolete’ in 2-3 years


The Loop on Thursday brought our attention to a great little segment on CNBC in which de Noronha explained why he owns plenty of Apple products but no Apple stock.  He’s a value investor, he says, and he wants to know where a company is headed in 5 or 10 years.  In Apple’s case, however, he thinks the company could become obsolete in the next 2 to 3 years.


Forensics Expert Says Apple May Have Admitted to iOS Backdoor


In a recent report, iOS author and former hacker – add forensics expert to that – Jonathan Zdziarski claims that Apple may have “inadvertently” admitted to having created an iOS backdoor.


He shares his analysis in the document Identifying Back Doors, Attack Points, and Surveillance Mechanisms in iOS Devices.  He says that based on his findings, Apple has created “several services and mechanisms” by which personal data can be extracted from iOS devices by unauthorized entities – including Apple and government agencies.


In a blog post, Zdziarski states:

“…it looks like Apple might have inadvertently admitted that, in the classic sense of the word, they do indeed have back doors in iOS, however claim that the purpose is for “diagnostics” and “enterprise”.  The problem with this is that these services dish out data (and bypass backup encryption) regardless of whether or not “Send Diagnostic Data to Apple” is turned on or off, and whether or not the device is managed by an enterprise policy of any kind.  So if these services were intended for such purposes, you’d think they’d only work if the device was managed/supervised or if the user had enabled diagnostic mode.  Unfortunately this isn’t the case and there is no way to disable these mechanisms.”



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