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Hypocrite With A Capitol H

Michael Moore, Liberals, Money

It's one thing to blast America about its capitalism, but another to get filthy rich off it too...”



Multimillionaire Filmmaker Who Rails Against Capitalism Owns 9 More Homes Than America’s Homeless


Anti-capitalist filmmaker Michael Moore sees himself as a man of the people.


He’s going through a nasty divorce with his wife of 22 years, Kathy Glynn.  It appears that the filmmaker, in his divorce filings, was trying to get his large hands on every penny and house he could at the expense of his wife.


Just what kind of money and assets did this “man of the people” and his wife share?  $50 million dollars and 9 properties, including a lakefront mansion and a Manhattan condo that was once three apartments.


Because all of us “99 percenters” have lakefront mansions and Manhattan condos.  Moore’s lakefront home on Torch Lake is actually large for even that wealthy region of Michigan according to his neighbors.


I’m not going to hold my breath and expect Moore to redistribute his assets to the poor, because it’s actually common for far-left loons to amass large fortunes while claiming to be “defenders of the poor.”  The best example is Michael Moore’s buddy, the deceased and unlamented Venezuelan socialist dictator Hugo Chavez.


While there is nothing wrong with earning money, it is hypocritical to make films denouncing capitalism while living a luxurious lifestyle that is out of the reach of most of the people you pretend to care about.  Not only is Moore content to live this lifestyle, he was trying to defend his assets from his wife, by claiming to have an income source that- again- most people couldn’t relate to



Then again Hillary Clinton thinks she is poor!


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