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Mary Burke has a Sarah Palin moment

As a female, I get angry when I hear the liberal media push the phony "war on women,” especially then that same media engages in such a so-called war.

What do I mean? Remember when the liberal media butchered Sarah Palin, over and over and over again? In one instance she was roundly criticized for claiming she could see Russia from her Alaska house. The bigger than Alaska gaffe for the liberal media and Palin’s detractors was that she never said it.

But if the liberal media says there’s a war on women, by golly, there’s a war on women. I do know this. There may not be a war on women, not against the left per se, but there is a double standard on how conservative women are treated in the media as opposed to liberal women. The aforementioned Palin treatment is but one example.

This week the not exactly conservative website Politico ran a piece with this title:

The woman who could beat Scott Walker

At first, I thought, here we go again. Here’s a typical puff piece, propping up and selling Scott Walker’s opponent. And there is indeed some positive profiling of Mary Burke. But there’s some revealing info in the piece, too.

Burke has improved on the stump since she jumped into the race last year, even Walker’s team acknowledges. She hired an A-list of former Barack Obama advisers, including respected adman Jim Margolis. But while she’s become more at ease, at times her inexperience shows.

Burke was caught off guard, for example, by a straightforward question about what she thinks of the president’s performance.

“He got us out of the deepest recession that the country has seen,” she said during an interview, “and uh, are there things I agree with him on? Absolutely. Are there things I disagree with him on? Absolutely.”

Like what?

Burke paused for 12 seconds.

“Let’s see,” she said. “You know, probably things in the foreign policy area that are … ”

She paused again. Her communications director threw her a lifeline: trade. “That’s a good one … thanks,” she said.

My goodness. Sounds to me like Mary Burke had one of those Sarah Palin vs.Katie Couric moments, you know, the type that labels you once for and all as being not as smart as a 5th grader, and probably not fit to be VP ...or a state governor.

A 12-second pause? You do that in a debate and you’re an instant loser.

So when does the Wisconsin media pick up on this poor performance by Burke and rip the way they did Sarah Palin?

I've got two words you. Double standard.

For more on Mary Burke’s lack of a grasp on the issues, read this column by Christian Schneider.

“But in her zeal to avoid grand campaign commitments, Burke has twisted herself in knots to avoid taking positions on major issues.”

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