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Audit For Cudahy City Use Vehicles Asked For!

City Use Vehicles, Cars, Randy Hollenbeck, Alderman

I wanted to let you know something I’m personally working on. 


If you have been following me from 2008 or 2009 you know I have been upset that the City of Cudahy doesn’t log mileage on City Use Vehicles.  I’m concerned with waste especially in the tight budget we have.


I was told in February of 2013 that we were keeping track of City Use Vehicles.


Well I found out, it doesn’t look like mileage and possibility reason, driver and location.  Once we have an audit done we will know what we track and don’t track!


I’m getting some pushback and told we don’t have time to keep those types of records and we don’t have an issue.  I find something is amiss when Mayors McCue, Day, and Hohenfeldt tell me we don’t need it. 


Without a simple mileage log can we rule out people from using the vehicles wrongly, wasting gas, and wear and tear on the equipment?


If we cannot audit it correctly can we rule out we don’t have waste?


It is not unreasonable to keep a mileage book in the glove box and it takes just seconds.  Maybe the real fix is GPS that logs and prints out.  I don’t want that cost to the taxpayers. 


So I have asked for an audit based on the information we currently, I’m told, do keep track of.


Once I get the audit, I will check with City Attorney if anything has to redacted and share the info with you.


Below is the email I sent out – I did have to add “Please alter specification of audit to conform with Ch. 111, Wis. Stat., and the Fair Labor Standards Act” after the City Attorney recommendation.



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