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A Cash Register At The Cudahy Dump

DPW, Dump, Randy Hollenbeck

At the Monday June 23rd Board of Public Works Meeting we were on item 6 -  “Discussion and action regarding the Drop Off Site Operations” and the issue of a cash register was talked about.


In other meetings it was brought up that we needed a way at the dump to secure the money that the attendant takes in at the gate instead of putting it either in his pocket or in a pouch.


A cash register would also help out in that we could balance and audit the money and give a receipt out.


So part of the discussion that night included where was the money going to come from to pay for the new register that Mary Jo Lange City of Cudahy PE Director of Public Works found that would function to meet the needs.  The cost was $180.00


Discussion went back and forth that it was not budgeted and things just didn’t seem to be moving along, so I said, “Alderman Hollenbeck will pay of the cash register!  I will donate the money to pay for it, let’s move on!”


So when the motion was made on agenda item 6 I asked if the motion could be altered to reflect that “Alderman Hollenbeck will pay for the cash register!” and it was accepted.


So when you see the cash register at the dump know that $180.00 of taxpayer money to pay for me as Alderman came back to the city as a direct donation and purchase of equipment.


This was not the first time I offered to donate back to this wonderful city.  Just after we got out new K-9 dog Chase I offered to pay for his doggy bulletproof vest ($800.00), however there is a new state program that pays for them now.


I also offered to pay the $700.00 to purchase the new chairs in the Common Council Chambers however the Mayor did find money in the Office supply budget account to pay for them.


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