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Jennifer is a one in a million stay-at-home mom. (More like one OF a million stay at home moms!) She graduated from a liberal arts college but there is nothing liberal OR artsy about her. She is married to Kevin Fischer of This Just In, and together they have a beautiful young daughter Kyla Audrey. In no particular order she loves dogs, wine, a good bargain, her family, pizza, and entertaining. Follow her blog of all things miscellaneous including but not limited to cooking and baking, entertaining and party planning, being a mommy, and homekeeping.

Changes ahead for the Fischer family

Isn’t it amazing how, in one single moment, your life can change forever?  One of the two best things that ever happened to me occurred on March 25, 2009.

After my maternity leave was over I attempted to go back to work for 20 hours a week.  I lasted one day.  In retrospect I should have just made plans not to return at all.  But I had good intentions, and my boss was amazingly accommodating and gave me the best situation I could have asked for.  Still, the right thing for our family was for me to not work at all.

Tightening our belts wasn’t always easy.  Still, with extra effort on Kevin’s part our household budget managed to remain in the black.  Suddenly I realized that my former shopping & spending habits weren’t as necessary as I thought them to be; I learned to live without what I once considered “essentials.”  Being home with our child far outweighed the “need” for me to buy a new outfit or home accessory.  Lavish birthday & Christmas gifts would have to wait a few more years.

Not a day goes by that I don’t regret our decision.  I have been home to witness every milestone in Kyla’s life.  And I’ve been home for every other event too; the non-milestones.  The times in her infancy where she would fall asleep on my chest and I would remain in one spot not daring to wake her.  The times in her toddlerhood where I could play silly games with her and read to her for as long as her attention span would allow.  The times in her preschool years when we’d enjoy library events together and take out more books than our arms could hold.  The times lately when we bake together, ride her bike or go to the park.  This has all meant far more to me than a few more $$$ in our checking account.

Now as Kyla looks forward to starting K-5 and all the magic this school year holds, I look forward to starting my first (paid) job in several years.  I’ve been blessed with an incredible opportunity to work part-time as an Education Assistant at Kyla’s school.  (I begin a few days of training tomorrow.  Then my first day of work is of course Kyla’s first day of school.)  To have work hours & days perfectly aligned with your child’s academic schedule is a dream come true for any parent.  I’ll be working in an environment that has already felt like home for the last year.  I truly couldn’t ask for a better situation.

This new chapter to our family’s life is certainly exciting.  As I reflect on the last five years of all it has meant to be a SAHM, I look forward to this new employment situation.  I truly feel this is the best of both worlds and I’m enthusiastic about things to come!

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