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Irish Fest 2014 Recap

Well, Irish Fest has come and gone for another year.  2014 was as wonderful, magical, and memory-filled as many other years.  We spent all day Saturday and Sunday enjoying all the best Fest has to offer by way of food, drink, laughter, music, and of course dancing.

Naturally, it’s not Irish Fest until you’ve had your photo taken with Paddy and Molly.  Oh, and have scored a chocolate coin:



Why, yes, we ARE all wearing the same Paddy shirts.  Who says Ms. Elaine Kneeous readers aren’t astute?  We would have loved to chat more with them but we had to head over to the Crossroads area for the best contests ever:  Freckles on Saturday and Red Hair on Sunday.

It seems hard to believe that an entire year has passed, and that this was Kyla’s SECOND year of dancing with Cashel Dennehy’s Summer Sampler program.  I can tell you that she enjoyed this year as much as (if not more than) last year.  It has been such a wonderful experience for her.  She made friends, burned energy, and gained even more confidence.  It means so much to her to be a “real Irish girl” and she’s counting the days until she gets a school dress and curly wig.  She wears her Cashel t-shirt with as much pride as she will her first solo dress:



Our daughter does not suffer from stage fright or extreme shyness.  Still, we had a touch of butterflies FOR her, just before the kids went out on stage.  Really, we didn’t need even that tiniest bit of nervousness.  Just look at this enthusiastic smile:



Wearing your ghillies on anything but a dance floor is Rule Number One No-No.  The soft soles must be protected by outer shoes or heavy socks at all times.  It was no small task getting her out of the shoes when her performance was done.  Then she truly regretted changing into flip-flops a short while later when she met a new friend and co-Cashel dancer on the ceili dancing stage:


Needless to say, she felt extremely special that an “older girl” was showing her steps.  I think the two of them would have happily danced the rest of the afternoon away.  But Daddy wanted to get in on the act as well:



Believe it or not, this was actually Kyla’s sixth year of competing in the Freckle & Red Hair contests.  (Her first contest was before she was one year old!)  How’s this for a flashback?



As you can imagine this was also the sixth year she didn’t (couldn’t!) win.  But that didn’t stop her from trying to get in good with the emcee:



He was trying to put on his, “Kid, I can’t be bought and neither can the judges” face.  ;-)  It’s OK she didn’t win.  After all, she was just in it for the shamrock cookie:



Even the very best times, though, must come to an end.  After two days of energetic excitement, delicious Irish food, walking for what felt like miles, shopping for mementoes, participating in contests and dancing on the largest stage on the grounds, we had to call it quits.  Despite her best efforts, the weekend did eventually catch up with Kyla Audrey:



Thanks for the memories, Irish Fest 2014!  Can’t wait to see you in 2015!  We love you!

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