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Is there something in the water in Greendale?

Let’s see. When we last left uber lefty blogger Jason Patzfahl from Greendale he was being taken to the woodshed for his improbable stance that unless we banned voting in schools, terrorists would stampede and inflict a shooting, killing frenzy.

I guess those Gun-Free Zone signs aren’t the deterrent they were intended.

The issue has become a political hot potato in the normally quiet village of Greendale.

Trustees, you handle it.

No, school board members, that’s your baby.

Nope, back to you, trustees.

School Board, what do you say?

Well, the obvious answer is that we simply have to have another meeting.

This, of course, is all so goofy and unnecessary. Shouldn’t be an issue at all.

WI Reporter has done an excellent job debunking these concerns that schools on Election Day will suddenly transform into shooting galleries. Hello…if you’re looking for a 100% safe place to vote, there is none. Not when bullets have found their way into the White House.

Did we say…

Oh it gets goofier.

Jason Patzfahl, the Grand Poobah in Greendale of liberal idiocy wants elections taken out of the schools. He said the following at a Village Board of Trustees meeting this month about a potential November referendum on this very issue:

“I think there is going to be too many non-stakeholders that would vote during that referendum. Some stakes are higher than others. I think having two of my kids in the elementary schools makes me a little bit more of a higher stakeholder.”

Oh, this is oh so beautiful!

Patzfahl is entrenched in the crowd that believes that a photo ID requirement will, here’s that infamous word “disenfranchise” folks from voting. They’ll just stay home, won’t vote. Too tough. Too hard. Too much of a burden.

Now we hear that Patzfahl doesn’t want a referendum on the Greendale ballot in November on whether schools shouldn’t be polling places. So follow along with me everyone. This is so good.

1) Patzfahl doesn’t want a referendum

2) He wants to take away the right of Greendale citizens to vote on an issue he raised in the first place!

3) He wants to prevent a referendum because he thinks his side will lose. If taking voting machines out of schools is such a great idea, why the lack of confidence?

4) And this is the best. He doesn’t want a referendum because there are too many stakeholders, i.e., elderly without kids in the Greendale public schools, that will come out and vote against his side.  In other words, the arrogant Patzfahl, when he says “I think having two of my kids in the elementary schools makes me a little bit more of a higher stakeholder,” is actually saying his vote is more important and should carry more weight than anyone else who doesn’t have kids in the school district. That would be the elderly or anyone else who dares GASP send their children to private schools.

The elitist arrogant snobbery of the left rears its ugly head.

News flash. I agree with Patfahl. This shouldn’t be on any referendum.  Period.

But I agree with Patfahl for totally different reasons. This shouldn’t be a discussion item AT ALL.  Let’s stop right now and forget any thought of a referendum. Simply kill this idea and keep doing what communities all across America are doing without incident: Hold elections in our school buildings.


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