Are You Old School?

 Here is link to a great article from the OnMilwaukee web site. Such nastolgia. 

100 Milwaukee memories: Are you old school?

I don't remember all the places, people, and events mentioned.  However I do remember most.  (Not bad, considering I moved to Wisconsin in 1978 - the summer before the worst snow storm in my memory.)   Here are some thoughts about a few memories mentioned in the article.
Samson:  I saw Sampson once.  I was little.  All I remember is crowds gathered in front of this giant ape. Being that I was terrified of anything related to Planet of the Apes, Sampson terrified me! 
The ice skating rink at Mayfair:  So fun!  The few times I went skating with my cousin (who lived in Wauwatosa), the mall was so crowded with skaters, it was hard to find places to sit and eat.  I still wonder why they closed the rink.
The Bowling Game:  My best friend's dad was on that show.  Who the heck watched bowling shows?
Crazy TV Lenny:  Those oh so annoying TV commercials.
Radio Doctors:  I used to take the bus to Radio Doctors and spend hours looking at 45 records there. For me, Radio Doctors was equal to heaven.
Public Natatorium:  My brother took me to the Natatorium for dinner on my 13th birthday, right before it closed.  I don't remember anything else about the place.
Ferrell's at Southridge:  Ferrell's was always packed. It was the coolest restaurant and ice cream parlor ever.
Harvey Wallbanger:  Vodka, orange juice, Galliano (There is a person in my life - no not me - who still orders Harvey Wallbangers.)
Southgate Mall:   I miss Southgate.  However, I honestly don't remember ever buying anything there - expect maybe shoes and food!
'82 World Series:  This was the series of games that convinced me, beyond any doubt, that baseball is the most stressful game ever.  To this day, I have not forgiven the Cardinals.
Crazy Jim's Demolition Derbies:   THEY ARE CLOSED? 

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