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Culinary yes-yes #90

Around Christmas last year, I blogged about a delicious addition to the ever-growing line of Cinnabon “byproducts.”  It’s just amazing to me how many Cinnabon-esque items exist, but I don’t see a problem with it.  In fact, one of the latest to hit the shelves is… believe it or not…



Yes, you’re eyes are correct.  That would be Cinnabon air freshener.  For reals.  
I don’t have any because if we had them in our home, then Kevin would be asking for the rolls every single day.  At 880 calories a pop, that would be the end of his trim physique.  ;-)

But what if there was a tiny-but-true Cinnabon treat even smaller and less calorie-laden than a Minibon or Classic Bite?  Hmmm…  OK you have my attention.  Then what if those teensy-weensy delicacies were topped with birthday cake frosting and sprinkles, Oreo frosting or even caramel macchiato spread?  You had me at “frosting.”

As I mentioned in my above-referenced blog, the actual Cinnabon pastry is not on my must-do list when I hit the mall.  I’m there to shop, not stuff my face with a mass-market muffin.  But artisanally-styled, bity bites of ‘Bons might just lure me over to Bon Bake Shop by Cinnabon.

Sadly, I’m pretty sure that lowly Franklin, WI will NOT be a test market for a Bake Shop location a la Willowbrook Mall in Houston, TX.  The only hope I hold is that they’ll open one in Oak Creek.  After all, they’re already getting one sweet tenant.

Bite-size, artisanal renderings of classic cinnamon rolls?  Oh yeah, you bet your icing it’s a Culinary Yes Yes!




You know I’m not a fan of Starbucks to begin with.  And I generally don’t side with a Debbie Downer.  But I think the guy’s got a VERY valid point.    LOVE IT.



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