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MORE back-to-school fun!

Yesterday I shared a five-minute-or-less, super-simple teacher gift for the beginning of the year.

With Kyla starting school tomorrow I’m doing some last-minute prep, including her first day of school activities.  No matter what grades your kids are starting, you can begin this fun tradition to watch how they grow & transform in just nine short school months!  There are TONS of options out there for printables.  I will share just a few with you.

Interviews are a great way of remembering all the little things your kids enjoy.  Yellow Bliss Road offers a lovely set of “All About Me” interview sheets from Preschool to High School.

If you want to take it a step further, Positively Splendid offers not only first day of school interviews, but last day as well.  What a great way to chronicle changes in your kids!  I love this set, and it’s what I’m using for Kyla as she travels through her academic adventures.

An easy way to enhance your photos is to have your kids hold signs showing what grade they are starting.  Catch My Party offers First Day Signs that look like notebook paper!  Super cute!

Once again, Positively Splendid offers a way to kick it up a notch by offering both first and last day of school signs.  Theirs look like chalkboards which of course is still a hot trend.  (There is a link in their “first day” post to the “last day” post.)

I like to take Kyla’s photo BEFORE school, while her clothes & hair are still fresh and tidy.  But if you’re terribly pressed for time, this still works after school.  I actually do her interview in the evening because it’s a time we can wind down and talk without feeling rushed.

And I just can’t resist adding a bonus…  If your kids take cold lunch and you do the packing, why not insert a cute little note? took the time to create them; all you have to do is print out and cut out.  Can it get any easier?

The beginning of a school year is a bittersweet time for me, and I’m sure it is for all parents.  We are proud to see them grow and learn of course.  But no matter what grade your child is starting, it seems your mind drifts back to the first time you held that sweet newborn in your arms.  Here’s to a happy and successful academic year to all the kiddos! 


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