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Culinary yes-yes #91

PERSONAL NOTE:  This week, I take a different approach to Culinary Yes Yes.  While usually light-hearted, fun, and a bit informational, my #91 Yes Yes discusses a very serious topic.

I remember when I turned 21 and started going to bars with my friends.  My mom was an over-achiever when it came to worrying so it was no surprise that she was FULL of “words of wisdom” for this time of my life.  Still, I did listen to one piece of advice that always made sense…  Never leave your drink unattended.

Generally we women like to “powder our noses” in pairs or even groups.  Rarely does a woman use the restroom all by herself.  If you’re with a friend or two who stay behind, you have them keep an eye on things.  If you must, take your cocktail with you even if that seems a little off-putting.  Another simple idea would be, of course, to finish your drink before you excuse your absence.

Even abiding by this rule does not guarantee your safety against a date rape drug.  A drink could be placed casually next to you and unnoticed for one second – that’s really all it takes.  Or what about Mr. GQ bringing you a drink from the bar when you’re all the way across the room?  Sadly there are too many scenarios where literally anything is possible.



Enter two modern means of (potentially) preventing the worst possible circumstances for a woman.  Thanks to some amazing technological breakthroughs, women have options that could literally be a lifesaver.   While I never intentionally put myself in a situation that would endanger my well-being this is one of those you-can’t-be-too-safe gadgets.  I’d say that if my above-mentioned over-protective mother wouldn’t have bought these for me in my “going out years” I would have picked them up for myself.  Technically neither product is available for purchase immediately.  But they will be soon.

First up is a Personal Drink ID, a tiny electronic device that you can discreetly slip into your drink.  If a date rape drug is detected, it will send a message to your phone.  Details about this can be read here.  Another bit of information regarding this company’s product:


Next, there is Undercover Colors.  This start-up has developed a nail polish that changes color when a finger is dipped in a tampered drink.  It seems like most people are supportive of this invention, based on a recent comment on the company’s Facebook page:  Thank you so much for the positive response and interest in Undercover Colors. We could not be more thrilled with the supportive feedback we’ve received so far...  we have been astounded and uplifted by your feedback. The support has been truly overwhelming!”  I say MOST people because, of course, there are those who are completely opposed to a way of helping women stay safe.

As the mother of a daughter myself, I can appreciate any attempt to keep my most precious commodity safe.  Utilizing common sense, taking a self-defense class, carrying (at the very least) pepper spray… these are all good tools to prevent a disaster.   If we can add to the personal safety arsenal of women everywhere then I say unequivocally this is a Culinary Yes Yes.

Time to lighten things up a bit with the bonuses for this week!




I’ve been to some pretty luxurious spas in my life.  But none of them featured a tub, sink, and toilet made of chocolate! 

From bankruptcy to businesswoman.  Great story AND great product!


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