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New Storm Doors


As a homeowner there is always upkeep to your home and as we all know it is best to fix things up before the City needs to get involved.  If the City gets involved it means fees and deadlines.  And I know the fee end of it personally people.  (when my fence was tagged I was given 48 hours to clean it up or fees would start – yes I was the victim and yet was facing fees)


We all know what is wrong with our homes and what we expect of each other’s home and if you get a letter from the City, well then you waited too long to fix it.  You know when it needs fixing better than anyone and if it will be expensive, you need to save away for it.  After all we are adults and fixing up our homes is our responsibility.


For me my steps, storm doors, and handrails needed fixing.


Had the front steps removed and replaced.  My Cement Experience


My side steps the cement company said could just be repaired and resurfaced (picture below)


My storm doors, well they needed to be replaced.  So below are pictures of my new storm doors. 


We went with Allis Industries as I was done playing around and getting the best Larson doors only to have them delaminate from the inside out as the glue turns acidic and eats the door.  Now Larson has a Lifetime Warranty, however after replacing one door, Larson told me they would only do it that one time.


So I went with a custom made in America Gerkin Doors .  We went with a 3/4 glass for the front and a 1/2 glass for the side.  Both doors feature a covered screen track – The edge of our screen is attractively hidden in a track.  This track helps to hold the screen edge in place.


I have to say I am very satisfied with my new doors and if you are in the market for new storm doors please give Allis Industries and Gerkin Doors a chance to win you over.


Next up custom made handrails from Bay View Railing & Ornamental, Inc

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