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A new school year and many blessings

It truly does not seem possible that Kyla began Kindergarten (K5) last week.  Please don’t ask me where the year went because I don’t know.  While many fun & memorable moments stand out (especially if I look through photos) so much seems like a total blur.  Seriously it will seem like a week before she tells me she’s been asked to prom.  (*SHUDDER*)

She was terribly sad when she learned her K4 teacher, Ms. Jachec, was moving back to her home state of Illinois.  Then she met her K5 teacher, Mrs. Shows, at the Parent and Student Meet & Greet, and all was right in the world.  She could NOT wait until the first day of school!  (Not to mention the fact that she was eager to see her old friends and make new ones too.)

She enthusiastically got her backpack ready the night before.  (How could she NOT be excited about the backpack… it was a FROZEN one, of course.)  Her uniform was ready, and all the other necessary preparations were taken care of.  She was so eager for her first day that she couldn’t fall asleep.  I didn’t think I’d ever fall asleep either!  You see, it was going to be my first official day at St. Anthony’s as well.  The Daddy/Husband element of our family was proud and excited as well.  Of course being the strong supportive guy he is, he had no doubts “his girls” would rock it.

Our big morning went off without a hitch.  Our now annual event of “first day” photos were snapped and off we went!



For the first day, students and parents line up on the playground by homeroom and are all called in as a group.  Faculty, staff, and administrators are all on hand to greet (and sometimes comfort) everyone.  The moment we stepped into the hustle & bustle, one face stood out among the rest:  her dear friend from the K3 building, Ms. Jess.  Kyla couldn’t run to her fast enough.  Despite the craziness of the moment, she was more than happy to take time to greet Kyla and tell her how proud she was that she was now a big K5 student.  We even had a chance for one quick pic:




As we stood in line waiting to be called in, over and over came the same question:  “When is it OUR turn?”  Some kids were clinging to parents; some were so apprehensive they just stood quietly; some were wishing there was just one more day of summer vacation.  Not our scholar.  All she wanted to do was get in and get going!

Finally, we were ushered in by room.  Mrs. Shows lead the way and honestly I’m surprised Kyla didn’t ask if she could help her fellow students get in faster.  She had already found her desk at the Meet & Greet so she made a beeline for it.  We had a couple last minutes together before parents were told, essentially, “this is it.”  While others might have shed a tear or grabbed one last desperate hug, we were scrambling to take a couple more quick in-room photos:




Kyla and I both had phenomenal first days.  Admittedly we were exhausted and our beds felt extra comforting that night.  But as a family, we couldn’t have asked for a better start to the 2014-2015 school year.  We are SO blessed to be part of St. Anthony’s and are looking forward to making lots of great memories again!



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