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An Open Letter From Cudahy Mayor John Hohenfeldt

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From the Desk of Cudahy Mayor John Hohenfeldt


An open letter to the parents, guardians, or anyone who drops off students of the School District of Cudahy at school.

As Mayor of the City of Cudahy, I get to lead this community through its best of times, and worst of times.  On the morning of September 4th, I sat in my personal vehicle and observed the traffic situation at Lincoln Elementary.  Quite simply said, the behavior of some parents I observed made me sick. 

For the behavior and total disrespect for the law and student safety to occur on the third day of the school year is quite appalling.  Even if the entire Cudahy Police Department were at that location, they would not have been able to keep up with this behavior and total lack of the law and student safety.

On that morning, these were just some of the observations I observed in less than 15 minutes:

·         Two vehicles making illegal right turns during posted times.  Did not get license plate numbers, or I would have provided for issuance of municipal citation.

·         Parents standing / parking in the drop off zone on Allerton Avenue (blocking the zone) and not dropping their child off, even when the school building was open due to rain.

·         Parents double parking on Allerton, and dropping their kids off in the second lane, rather than the drop off zone, due to illegal parking in the drop off zone.

·         Multiple vehicles after not wanting to wait to turn on Packard from Allerton, using the alley for a cut through between Allerton and Van Norman.

·         Parents using the angle parking area to wait with their children to drop them off, then backing into the street after and right before the bell rang, creating several traffic backups.

·         Parents parking on the south side of Allerton Avenue, walking their children across the street mid-block rather than going to the corner, then the parents crossing mid-block to return to their car.

·         A vehicle driving down the wrong side of the street on Allerton Avenue due to both lanes were parked up, some illegally.  That vehicle I was able to get the license plate number and turned it into the Cudahy Police Department

School drop off and traffic and safety issues have always been a concern when you have neighborhood schools.  Working together, the Mayor, Common Council, School District Board of Directors, School Administration, Chief of Police, Police Department, Director of Engineering, Teachers and Staff, and the city’s Traffic and Safety Commission have worked hard to ensure student safety.    However, we need your help! 

Last school year, I approved the utilization of overtime by the Cudahy Police Department through saturation enforcement to keep our students safe.  This is an ineffective use of your tax dollars who have to pay, because some drivers can not follow the law and utilize the appropriate pick up and drop off locations.  The hard working taxpayers should not have to pay because a minority cannot follow the rules.

The School District of Cudahy will be sending home a letter today with every student to provide to their parents and guardians regarding school safety and student drop off. I have instructed the Chief of Police to increase patrols around district buildings and strict enforcement of all traffic laws including the issuance of municipal citations.

As your Mayor, I am asking for the help of our community to ensure student safety and follow the rules and laws to get our children to and from school safe.  Our students, will appreciate your help in this matter.




John R. Hohenfeldt




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