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100 years ago, before I had kids, I watched TV.

For a time, my husband worked second shift. So, after work, I'd come home and have the night to myself, the house to myself, the food to myself, and amazingly the TV to myself. (A far, far, distant but very real and glorious memory.)

My channel was A&E. Every night, I'd kick back - junk food in hand - and watch A&E Biography or American Justice or the Cold Case Files. I was addicted to these shows.

On some days, I'd learn about the life of Edgar Allan Poe, of Norman Rockwell, of Richard Pryor, or of Bonnie and Clyde.  Other days I'd learn about undercover officers, about intensely gripping murder mysteries, about trials, and DNA tests, and missing fingerprints.  Again, I was addicted to these shows.

Years later - NOW - with a house filled with TV-hogging kids, a TV-hogging husband, and very little MEMORY to record a simple TV show, I found this site.

Amazon TV (Unbox)

On, you can download a huge library of past TV shows and watch them ANYTIME YOU WANT. (This includes a library of old A&E shows!) The price per show is $2.00. Not a bad price for something you really want to watch.

So far, the biggest downside to this site is, unless you have TiVO (which UNFORTUNATELY we don't have), you cannot watch the show on a real TV. You also need a computer with a decent amount of hard drive space. The one show I downloaded had a large file size.

But for now, I sit in front of my computer. I make sure the kids are asleep. I grab a bag of Chex Mix. I pay my $2.00. And I spend a late evening watching a pretty good TV show.

(Happy Thanksgiving!)


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