Being Bitten (and the Angel Who Helped Me)

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This video is so cute!

The older boy reminds me of myself during last Wednesday's snow storm.  Against travel warnings, I ventured out.  Shovel in hand, I planned to drive to my mom's house to help her with her sidewalk and driveway.  It was an adventure.

Nothing will happen to me, I tell myself.  I'm invincible.  I have a shovel.  I know how to step on the gas.  I have a cool cell phone.  Heck, I have my iPOD for music.

10 minutes later.

I'm on Howard Avenue outside my car.  I'm in the middle of street in the blinding white.  My car simply stopped driving.  The depth of the snow won and left me helpless!

So I dig around the car.  I dig and dig.  The car doesn't move.  Nothing.  A two-foot drift surrounds the right side of my car.  I dig.   Despite my hat, my hair is soaking wet.  I dig.

The car still doesn't move.  I'm freezing and am ready to call for help when a man with a van and a shovel parks in front of me.  The man smiles (yet speaks no English) and digs out the entire right side and underbelly of my car.  This takes about an hour.  The man then pushes me out.  My hands shake as I drive back home.  I realize that, sometimes, I'm not invincable.

The moral to this story.

If you stupidly ignore advice and stick your finger in someone's mouth, you will get bitten!

(And ... somewhere in this city is an angel with a silver shovel and an old van who deserves nothing but good for a long, long time!)

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