Num - What?

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I can't stop laughing at this video. If I had been the moderator of this spelling bee, I don't think I could have stayed in the room!

My oldest son, for a time, wanted desperately to learn about the words he was not allowed to say - the swear words. He knew that he wasn't allowed to say naughty words. However, he wanted to know them and he felt that if he got my husband or I to swear, it wasn't as bad.

So at the age of 5, while I drove and my son sat in the back seat, he challenged me to a word game. I like playing word games, so I accepted his challenge.

My son explained the rules. He would say a letter and I would have to say a naughty word that starts with that letter.

Then, without waiting for me to respond, he loudly yelled "A!" 

I smiled, thought about all the possible answers to his request, resisted all temptation to play his game, and then told my son that I don't play games like that with 5-year olds!

Thankfully, at the age of 7, my son is no longer interested in tricking his parents into swearing (and my new favorite word is numbnut).

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