A Different Way to Use Your Cell Phone on Trips

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Summer vacation is finally here and, as usual, I find my husband staring at a map.  I watch him daydream.  He takes down phone numbers.  He asks questions and he makes detailed plans for our summer.  He loves this and I don't mind because it's one less thing for me to think about.  Plus my husband's success rate with road trips is pretty good; we always have fun.

However, when I talk about bringing the computer on our trips, my husband briefly stops daydreaming. He becomes serious and gives me a cold, long stare. Okay - I will leave the computer at home.

So (keeping the computer out of my thoughts), here are some neat things to do with the text messaging feature of your cell phone!


Add the name GOOGLE (466453) as one of your cell phone contacts and do any of the following -

  • If you want the latest Brewer score - type the text message Score Brewers and send it to GOOGLE (466453) from your contacts list. Within seconds, you will receive the scores of last two Brewer games. You can do this with most other teams as well.

  • Type Directions Cudahy to Wisconsin Dells and send it to Google. Instantly, you will receive an example of directions. You can get directions to almost anywhere. This could be useful if you are lost.

  • Type weather Orlando or weather Cudahy and send to Google. You get the weather.
  • Type stock jci and send to Google to see a stock quote.

  • Type movies 53110 to see a list of movies playing in the area.

  • Type Italian 53110 to see a list of Italian restaurants in Cudahy. You can search on most food types and most places.

  • Type flight ua 152 to get flight information. You just type in the airline and the flight number.

  • Type define delusional to learn a new word. (when you're really bored).
There are more search options. However, these are the ones I know and hopefully they will come in handy on a road trip without decent access to the Internet or a computer!

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