An Easier Way to Send Text Messages

Did you know that, from your computer, you can email most people with a cell phone number and the email you send appears as a text message on the recipient's phone?   This method is, in my opinion, so much easier than trying to squint and type messages directly from a cell phone.  (I feel old as I type this!)

Here's a list of all the email formats for cell phone numbers. You just need to know the cell phone company your recipient uses.

Virgin Mobile:
US Cellular:
Cellular One:

Simply, this list is for people who:

  • are not completely comfortable using the text messaging feature on their cell phone.
(Me ... sometimes)
  • like email more than text messaging.
(Me ... definitely)
  • want to send a message to someone - but may not necessarily want to disturb them with a phone call.
(For example: Pick up a pizza - I'm starving, Quit ignoring the phone and come home now!, or You may want to end your meeting soon because we just won the lottery.)
  • want to save money on cell phone plans that charge for each text message you send.
  • think fingers were not meant to type messages on small phones.
(Me ... again, do I show signs of my age?)

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