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This video makes me think of a friend in California who talks about how disillusioned he is with the voting process.  Why vote when it's clear that Obama will win California?  Why vote when the election is usually decided before polls in California even close?  Why vote when the issues that matter to me or him aren't even discussed in any of the debates?

Of course, I always tell my friend - IF YOU DON'T VOTE - then you are letting other people make decisions for you.  IF YOU DON'T VOTE - then you should never complain about anything that could require a vote, which is almost everything.  And like this video states, even though we seem like just one person in a big, big country - in 2000, just 537 people in Florida decided the fate of a whole election.  Our votes do count.

So, on Tuesday, I'm voting. (I still don't know about my friend in California.)

I'm voting because it took us two years to pay the bills for the birth of our second son.

I'm voting because our monthly property taxes are almost as high as our monthly mortgage. 

I'm voting because I have to take vacation time when my kids get sick. 

I'm voting because last night when I bought gas at a gas station on Packard Ave., I got scared for my safety. 

I'm voting because I want all the soldiers to come home from this war - alive. 

I'm voting because our monthly gas payments are sometimes more than our monthly car payment.

I'm voting because when I retire in 30 years, I want, just like my parents, social security - or something like it.

And most importantly -  I'm voting because I want to watch my kids open a book, watch their eyes as they learn, and feel confident that we are capable as parents to send them as far as their ambitions will take them.  I want my kids to know that with hard work, they are capable of doing anything, including standing in the same shoes as the people we are voting for on Tuesday.

I will definitely see you on Tuesday at the polls!

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