Unexpected Visitors

It was insanity.

My younger son stood in our living room yelling at his older brother.  My older son stood in our living room yelling at his younger brother.

It was cold outside.  We had no plans and I was on the computer paying bills.

Suddenly, the volcano of two children erupt.  Voices rise.  Doors slam.  Insults fly.  Threats escalate to a volume beyond comprehension.

With my face red, I walk to the living room and send one child one direction and the other child another direction.  I hear only the crying of two kids in unison.  My heart pounds.

Ding dong.

Oh my god.  Someone's at the door.

I scan the house.  Toys are everywhere.  Dishes are unwashed.  Garbage needs to be taken out.

Ding dong.

One child is crying and flinging insults across the house.  The other child has his whole body smashed and spread eagle on our hallway floor.  His cries are muffled only by his face against the linoleum.

Ding dong.

I look at the door again.  Through the window, I see the framed smiling faces of my inlaws.  They are waving.  Smiling and waving ... smiling and waving ...

The door knob turns.  I close my eyes.

Through the screams, I take a deep breath, grin amid the insanity, and greet my visitors.


This evening, finally relaxed, I've made my Christmas list.  At the top of the list is a one day trip to a warm beach, by myself, with nothing but a cute swimming suit and an endless supply of silence and strawberry margaritas.


(You can buy this margarita set on Amazon.com for about 25.00. Remember, there's only 4 more days left of free shipping!) 

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