Late Resolutions

I know this is a little late, but better late than never.  I finally created a list of New Years resolutions.

A few days ago, I reached for a book on the bottom shelf in the library.  Then I stood up.  I winced in pain.  My knees hurt!  My knees only hurt when I don't exercise. 

I realized this after I had my first son and needed to lose some pregnancy weight.  I signed up for a gym membership and started to work out.  A miracle occured!  Not only did I lose most of my pregnancy weight, but the knee pain that bothered me for years VANISHED.  It was wonderful.

Now, during the past few months - with working full time, spending time with my kids, volunteering for our school, and blogging - I stopped exercising.  Fatigue finally beat the tread mill.  My down time, when it occurs, consists of a book, a couch, and the faint image of my husband with a remote control.

Now my knees hurt. 

I need to set a goal to exercise again. Here are some more goals for the year.

  • Make a new friend.

  • Learn to video blog.
  • Teach my youngest son that kicking toys underneath his bed is not my definition of "cleaning"

  • Incorporate journaling into my kids evenings.

  • Go out with just my husband once a month.

  • Buy a super cute pink Cudahy Packers jersey.

  • Buy or create a chore chart.

  • Secretly throw out all my husband's ugly shoes.

  • Put all our family pictures into photo albums.

  • Dance with Al Pacino.
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