How Parents Can Help Create Great Schools


Being someone who is involved in my kids' school, this video says it all.  This video puts words to so many things that I feel or have felt - about my kids - about their schools - about their teachers - and about our roles as parents to see that our kids succeed.

I know that parents in this area are registering their kids for 4k and 5k kindergarten right now or soon.  They need to watch this.

To paraphrase some of the words in this video - when we hand our kids to a new school - to a new teacher - we hand over our heart and ask them - trust them - to care for it.  And in return, it is our responsibility as parents to stay involved, to listen, to ask questions, and to make sure our faces are familiar within the hallways of our schools.

(My sons' teachers are, just in case, on speed dial on my cell phone.)

(Two numbers above my husband.)

(Three numbers above Papa Murphy's.)

(I still have goosebumps from this video.)

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