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Gun control in the US

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Should there be tighter gun controls in the US?


Amendment II (the Second Amendment) of the United States Constitution’s Bill of Rights declares a well-regulated militia as "being necessary to the security of a free State" and prohibits infringement of "the right of the people to keep and bear arms."


The idea behind allowing citizens the right to bear arms is a necessary check on government.  The provision of the US constitution that guarantees us this right was not an unintended aspect of this country's beginnings, but rather a deliberate tool of construction.  The direct intention was to establish a check that even the most powerful government could not overcome.  Although gun control may seem specifically applicable in a broader sense, an American gun ownership rights (not an illegal’s right, notice the word illegal, they do not have rights under the Bill of Rights since they are not citizens) is a necessary check.  Gun control alone is not the solution for crime prevention.  The package to achieve the goal should include the control of guns shown in movies or on TV, family guidance and stricter sale of guns (to find those mentally unstable and keep guns out of their hands) with strict background checks for which Congress has only partially addressed.  Gun crimes in the US are more of a moral issue, with a failure at the core level of family values.  We have good gun laws; we only need too enforce them.  More un-enforced laws will not change a thing.


There are more guns per head of population in Sweden and Finland than in the US, but only a tiny fraction of the gun crime.




The problem is the justice system that continually releases repeat offenders back into society and the overwhelming concern for the criminal’s civil rights, while ignoring how badly the victims and their family’s rights have been violated.  There needs be tighter controls on the politicians and judges who allow this sort of thing to get out of hand in the first place.  Gun laws have gotten stricter for decades.  Gun crimes have increased at the same level.  If these stricter gun laws were working, we would have seen results by now. 


Stricter background checks for the purchase of firearms is a nice idea; unfortunately, this will do nothing to curb their malicious use.  Gun control laws fail because firearms can easily be obtained from sources other than your local gun store.  There are an estimated 200,000,000 unregistered guns in the worldwide black market for criminals to purchase!  Someone planning mass-murder would have no qualms about illegally obtaining semi- or fully automatic weapons, which are plentifully and available from "private" sources.  No matter how well meaning legislation is, twisted killers will never be stopped!


I am a gun owner.  I own 5 rifles and 2 shotguns and no handguns as of yet.  For me, shooting and hunting is a great hobby and an excellent form of exercise.  I eat what I kill.  I respect the law and deeply value life.  I believe all of my family and friends are responsible, safe and cautious gun owners.  Most of us were taught this disciplined behavior by our parents and grandparents back to the founding of the country.  We keep the peace and obey the laws; we are NOT the ones using guns illegally.


If the goal is to reduce gun crime, perhaps instead of the government passing more laws that in effect change nothing, there should be a focus on enforcing the current laws.  Presently, the police are out gunned by criminals with larger more sophisticated weapons, who don’t care about the laws and don’t value human life.  I will happily give up all my guns when the bad people out there can promise the same thing.


While the opinions stated here are mine, they are just that opinions.  

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