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Special Thanks To Our Officials

Thank Officials

Some people were upset that they did not know the format of the CDA meeting.  In fairness, my Alderman Mark Otto had informed me that the CDA meeting on Tuesday January 8th would in fact be open, closed and open to the public. 


I was the first one there for the CDA meeting.  Sean Smith came in and asked me “For which meeting was I waiting to attended?”  To which I relied “The CDA.”  He told me the same thing Mr. Otto had told me.  I was not happy with the amount of time having to wait during the closed session part, only to find out that they would have to meet in a special Common Council meeting the following day.


Again, Mr. Otto informed me that it would follow the same format as the CDA - open, closed and open to the public for the special Common Council meeting.  The Mayor informed us of the same thing at the beginning of the meeting.  Again not happy about the closed session, but I understand the need for it. 


Once opened backup, not much information was made to the public.  I do understand that the meeting was not open for public discussion, and a few people were upset about that.  I was upset that we were dismissed, even though Alderman Joe Mikolajczak would have liked to continue the discussion.  I would have liked to hear what Mr. Mikolajczak would have talked about.  At least then, we might have more information.  No wonder so few show up for these meetings.  I am not happy about the times many of these meeting take place.  It is hard for those of us that work late and have to drive home.  We don’t all work in Cudahy.


Since Alderman Mikolajczak blocks my emails to him, I wanted to personally thank him after the meeting for attempting to further the discussion of what was in the closed session, but he was very upset.  Mr. Mikolajczak and I may not have seen eye to eye on past subjects, but he does put in a lot of hard work on the issues put forth to him.  He and I are more alike then he knows.  We both take this all very personally and emotions come strong and fast.  He may not be my Alderman, but that doesn’t mean I cannot tell him how I feel.  I guess that leaves me the phone or my blog.


We do need to thank all of our Aldermen and the Mayor for working hard for our city.  That doesn’t mean that more cannot be done or that I will lighten up.  It does mean that I appreciate what they do!!!  We have to realize the Aldermen do have full time jobs and that being an Alderman is just a part time job that takes up full time.


Again thanks to District One Alderman Joe Mikolajczak for wanting to talk in front of the few people in attendance in more detail. 

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