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Is ET Calling Earth?

ET Science

SETI Gets Possible Hit, ET maybe calling


Researchers across the globe are abuzz with the possibility that SETI has found a signal from another civilization.  The mystery signal was picked up by the giant Puerto Rico Arecibo radio telescope.  The 'ET' signal may have natural cause though.


Dan Wertheimer, of UC Berkeley SETI, said that the signal may never be decoded leaving them stumped as to how to respond.  "We'll know something's out there, but we won't know much about their civilization.  Although this pulse is not well understood..." it may have a natural origin."


Researchers are at odds as to what message should be sent back with suggestions ranging from “Hello, Welcome” to “Don’t eat us.”  Wertheimer said, “we really don't know what we're up to, so we need to be careful."


The signal has not been confirmed as any sign of extra-terrestrial intelligence, although the Allen array in California is now actively searching for more of these signals.


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