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WGA Strike

WGA Strike

Some 10,500 Writers Guild of America (WGA) members went on strike against the studios in November, throwing the TV season into disarray.  In a previous post, I listed the known season finalities of this strike-shortened season.  The strike makes Super Bowl ads more valuable as advertising companies have fewer ways to connect with viewers during regular shows. 


The screenwriters strike derailed this year's Golden Globes event when the Writers Guild of America, which is embroiled in a labor dispute with major film and TV studios, threatened to picket the ceremony.  As a result, A-list stars to refuse to attend.


Golden Globes actor nominees and their representatives did not cross WGA picket lines to appear on the Golden Globe Awards as acceptors or presenters for the January 13th show.  This forced NBC to change the format of the Golden Globes and causing several other awards shows to change their formats as well.


If you want to have high ratings for these award shows, just allow ordinary folks the chance to do the honors.  People will be more than happy to fill the role as presenters.  You could turn it into a game show of sorts to get on by having the contestants win online contests.  In the end, the strike will cost the writers and actors more.  The TV networks would have high ratings and it would be a win for the advertisers then as well.


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